Germany’s rightwing AfD party could lead opposition after election

Rightwing populists could make up the biggest opposition force in the next German parliament after a series of scandals appear to have galvanised rather than weakened the chances of the far-right in next Sunday’s election.

The Eurosceptic, anti-immigration Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party has pulled up to third place in four of the last five polls conducted. A survey published on Sunday by the polling institute Emnid in Bild am Sonntag newspaper has the AfD on 11%, behind Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union on 36% and the centre-left SPD on 22%.

  • J. C.

    I’d rather see them win, but ya gotta take what you can get…

  • UCSPanther

    They’re now in a position to make Angela Merkel’s job very uncomfortable…