Christie Blatchford: First Nation’s $550K powwow is no surprise for band’s members

The Caldwell First Nation, where a forensic audit uncovered gross financial irregularities around a 2016 powwow, allegedly has been dubiously run for years.

“I am not even remotely shocked about the results of the audit,” says one member of the small Leamington, Ont.-based First Nation. “I think if members knew what went on … they would be sick to their stomachs for weeks.”

The member asked not to be identified.

  • ontario john

    Aren’t you glad little Justin got rid of Hitler Harper’s financial accountability regulations?

    • Alain

      Did the same concerning the requirement for unions.

  • Ed

    “Financial accountability” is a White concept. So typical for a white woman journalist to perpetuate colonial techniques of repression and control. Shame on her.

    (Or some such shit is bound to come flying out of the arse of a Toronto Star “journalist.”

  • terrence22

    Back in the mid 1970’s when I lived in Calgary, most chiefs were know as “Los Vegas Chiefs”. As soon as they got their free taxpayer money, they would fly down to Lost Wages, and surprise, SURPRISE, THEY LOSE ALL THE MONEY THEY CAME DOWN WITH. But, they did have a good time.

  • irishrus

    Don’t think anyone is surprised. All the land, breaks and money consecutive governments have been shovelling over to them .. yet they still claim they’re broke and helpless victims …. money had to be going somewhere not to mention casino and contraband.

  • ontario john

    Gee, little Justin can give a small whiny indian band over a hundred million dollars, which they blow a big chunk of on a big party, and we can’t get money to renovate our small rural hospital.

  • Remember – people voted for Trudeau so that this thing can continue.

    • The Butterfly

      I thought they voted for the hair?

  • Frances

    I would like to see a DNA analysis of the chief.

  • Blind Druid

    Tribal nepotism has been their tradition for centuries. When the buffalo were brought into camp, the Chief and his family got first dibs on the carcasses, then on down the family line. The low totem families got little.
    This is what happens to your tax dollar when the Chief gets the cheque. That’s why they definitely don’t want oversight of their finances by YT –. Any questions?

    • Alain

      That may be true, but they were also given excellent examples from white politicians that they have entirely assimilated. No problem or difficulty with assimilating corruption and graft or accepting all the benefits of the whites, but they still like to claim they are mistreated.