Burger robots to appear at 50 locations

(Tech Xplore)—We have been treated to a generous amount of stories announcing new advances in assembly-line robots and home-assistant robots.

Smartened up with cameras and artificial intelligence, it looks like time to focus on a new breed of kitchen robots. Reports are in about how they may truly impact the restaurant trade.

Might robots prove so cost efficient and reliable that restaurant employers replace a significant number of workers with these robots?

It looks as if a marker is in the wings, with the announcement that robots called Flippy will be installed in 50 CaliBurger restaurants worldwide.

Via Instapundit

  • The Butterfly

    I, for one, welcome our new robot burger flippers.


    • Mark Matis

      I hate to break this to you, but if you think that’s the WORST that they do…

      At least she didn’t add some “special sauce”.

    • Clausewitz

      At least all they’ll do is just leak oil on our burgers as opposed to spitting on them.

  • Canadian Born

    Why can’t we have robots running our country? I am positive they would do a better job than our mentally challenged PM and the MPs he appointed!

    • Gary

      Starbucks in now about to rue the day they hire 10,000 refugees as a protest against Trump . Health Inspector and now showing a record high cases at those outlets for Fecal count on food and cups.

      These fine people from 3rd world hell-holes wipe them self with their hands and down wash after they are finished.
      Sales have dropped and the next blunder for Sgt Schultz is to appoint a women to head Starbucks to play the Gender/Sexism card that didn’t work for Hillary.

      Nobody hates immigrants, but everyone hates unskilled violent people that don’t even wipe their butts with toilet paper when they have a job in the fast food service sectors.

      • BillyHW

        I hate immigrants because they suck.

      • Waffle

        Amazing!! The founder destroying his own organization!! That usually doesn’t happen until generation 3 or 4.

        • Alain

          You forget that leftism is a mental illness.

        • Gary

          It’s so funny because Starbuck was on Captain Ahab’s whaling ship Pequod as the 1st mate and very moral from a Quaker family in Nantucket .
          He saw Ahab as obsessed to prove a point and go after Moby that could get all 30 of the crew killed with him.

          Schultz is like the Skipper on the Minnow and Starbuck is the 1st mate Gilligan .
          His obsession to hire 10,000 migrants was like Ahab’s obsession, but Moby is now Trump while the Crew of 30 is now thousands of low wage service staff losing their jobs .
          Looks like Gilligan was smarter that Sgt.Schultz that captained his ship of fools.

  • Gary

    Hillary’s illegals and Mexicans don’t think that the Nation that put humans on the Moon and safely returned several times….doesn’t have the brains to replace them in the fields to harvest the crops.

    What’s so funny about these Robots is that it groups like CUPE and retired Teachers that want the 4-profit Stock Shares in the Pension funds to make more money from Dividends and growth to the Market value for Shares.
    Who would have thought that Sid Ryan and the teachers will put the unskilled immigrant workers out of jobs because they are greedy pigs at the trough of capitalism.
    In the 1960’s the Olive business in California didn’t have any lower rider tractors to buy that would make to harvest easier.
    So Ferruccio Lamborghini used his experience from his youth on the family vineyard and his Post war tractor-making to build one that could do the job.
    His design was so good that he took his tractor to the local County Fair and
    prove that he could out pull any of the tractors there. Lamborghini started the tractor-Pull events of today.


  • Sharkibark

    “While many people worry that automation will eliminate jobs, Miller said new jobs will be created. There will be a need for engineers, management, installation and support of these systems,”

    FINALLY a use for all those engineers and IT people we’ve been importing by the thousands from Islamic Countries.

    • Clausewitz

      Maybe a Canadian born IT worker can finally get a job again.

    • ismiselemeas

      And architects, don’t forget architects.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I want to be served by a bored angry college student chewing gum, and stoned

  • terrence22

    I read somewhere that Wendy’s in the USA will install, 8,000 robots by the end of 2018. Stuff like this makes me think that those bozos who leading the “Fight for 15” – minimum wage of $15 per hour, have a lot of shares in robot making companies.

    • Alain

      I know but those demanding minimum wage legislation just refuse to connect the dots.

  • felis gracilis

    Can Kim Dong Wynne make the restaurants pay the robots $15 an hour? Maybe she can have their manufacturers charged with non-human trafficking.