Why I’m placing my bets on a Kathleen Wynne victory

If we had the sort of elaborate betting infrastructure the punters in England and Las Vegas enjoy, I’d put a few hundred on Kathleen Wynne emerging victorious in the next Ontario election. Yes, I’m serious, because what an immense pay-out you’d get from such a contrarian bet.

Sure, it goes against conventional wisdom. After all, she hit 12% in the polls recently. They say Donald Trump is against the ropes, yet he clocks in at three times Wynne’s numbers!

  • shasta

    Furey gives too much credit to Wynne’s political abilities, and doesn’t stress enough the almost total inability of voters to pick the best candidate out of the choices available. This country has a history of electing the wrong people to govern which has got worse as time has past and the consequences are getting dire indeed.

    • barryjr

      Yes but the PCs haven’t exactly put up anybody of note in Ontario. C’mon I’ll bet you can’t name one politician that wasn’t a better candidate than Hudak. If you want to blame anybody for Wynne’s last win thank the old boys in the PCs that kept Hudak as leader.

      • shasta

        Hudak was better than Wynne and the NDP leader was better than Wynne; in fact I would hazard a guess that the Marxist-Leninist would have been better than Wynne. My point was voter inability to pick the best available even if they are all bad.

  • David Murrell

    Good column by Mr. Furey, and I also am picking Wynne’s Liberals to win. Ontario politics are dominated by Wynne’s corrupt political machine — corrupt public service union officials, a corrupt government bureaucracy and a paid-and-bought-for media — such that victory is assured.

    A case in point: Kathleen Wynne testifies in a corruption case in court, and the corrupt Globe and Mail trots out ex-Liberal staffer Adam Radwanski to rail against the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader. The media all support Liberal corruption. The fix is in.

  • Brett McS

    Always bet against your preferred outcome. That way you win something whichever way it goes.

  • simus1

    If you have the nerve to accommodate most major rent seekers no matter the cost, GLLKDW says “Go Big!”. That’s how Ontario elections are won.

    I do not intend to forget that the gas plants fiasco was caused by the pco and ndp leaders who decided that vote whoring of the most irresponsible sort was ok.

  • FivePointSpurgeonist

    I also would take Wynne vs. the field on this one. She owns the cops, the medical industry, the teachers and the rest of the service unions (read: Beer Store and LCBO). Besides that, Patrick Brown is a loser and Andrea Horwath will always be campaigning against Bob Rae.

    • shasta

      Her abilities are what makes her more dangerous. I may not agree with Brown or Horowath, but I would rather have an incompetent for an opponent.

      • FivePointSpurgeonist

        Abilities? Of what sort? She has what they have from billions of tax dollars.

        • shasta

          I would say it is not a small ability to be totally corrupt, able to stuff you and your friends pockets with money, drive the Province into bankruptcy, and still manage to get elected. I realize that elsewhere on here today I posited that upwards of 60% of present voters are unqualified, but it is still an impressive “achievement”.

  • Justin St.Denis

    The choices are clear. Next time around, Ontarians can vote for a Butchy Queen, a Bitchy Queen, or a Welfare Queen. Ugh!

  • ontario john

    I’m sure little Justin will be spending a lot of time in Ontario during the election. They will be together at every homosexual parade in Ontario. Everyone in down town Toronto will be going oooooh, ahhhhhh, Trudeau supports Wynne. He is so cool and wonderful, we must vote for Wynne.

  • DMB

    The only thing that will stop the Liberals are the financial credit rating agencies.

    • shasta

      That has not been very effective in other jurisdictions.

  • ntt1

    from a distance it would appear that if the conservatives tried to avoid running gay rodeo clowns it might help

    • disqusW6sf

      It’s pretty obvious.

  • Because unions.