The migrant scene: Our American friend writes from Florence

From our American friend, John Gilmore, at alphanews,

In the last several years, I’ve revisited places in Western Europe that I have been to before when I was younger. It’s not so much the passage of time, though in part of course it is that, so much as wanting to see Europe once more while it still exists. Mass migration and elite self-hatred of their own cultural patrimony is changing Europe into something unrecognizable, something deformed, something suicidal.

When the brittle, wholly artificial “European Union” set about to draft its constitution, Pope John Paul II lamented that it refused to give even a glancing recognition to the debt owed Christianity by Europe as a whole. No Christianity, no Europe. Naturally, the final draft of the constitution resolutely said nothing about the single greatest force that shaped it throughout history.

Early this year Somali migrants stormed government offices in Sesto Florence (a suburb of sorts) after a fire in a shelter killed one of them. The mayor pleaded with other Italian cities to “help us.” I’m struck by people from failed countries with nothing to offer their host countries demanding even more state largesse. More.

Reality check: What the Somali migrants are offering is dangerous neediness, which is a drug to people in power who need free citizens less and less.

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