The course is called Western Civ because that’s what it is…

If it were intended to be SJW Thug Civ, it would definitely teach different stuff. From Bruce Bawer at PJ Media,

In an article published last fall in the college magazine, Reed alumnus Chris Lydgate recalled how much he’d loved the course when he took it three decades ago, but noted that students were now tagging it as “an example of institutional racism” that “conveys the surreptitious message that white men are the authentic source of thought and civilization.”

Claiming that the works taught in the course have played a role “in colonialism, racism, and slavery,” these students were demanding that the course be revised to “include a history of the Western canon as racist and anti-black.”

Lydgate described last fall’s debate about Hum 110 as “spirited” but civil and respectful. During the succeeding months, however, as reported earlier this month in both Reason and The Economist, student agitators showed up for every single Hum 110 lecture and sat in the front of the auditorium, brandishing protest signs and “sometimes taping their mouths in protest at the absence of non-white voices in the syllabus.”

In November, at a Hum 110 lecture on Sappho, they called the lecturer, Lucia Martinez Valdivia, a “race traitor,” “anti-black,” and an “ableist,” eventually driving her to tears.More.

Reality check: Valdivia should sue, like Bret Weinstein did. Her employer has inflicted this mob of yobs on her.

Meanwhile, readers, what should SJW Thug Civ teach besides bullying, mouth-taping, protest sign-painting and concealing weapons?

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