The cost of Islam: RCMP put hundreds of files on hold in shift toward anti-terrorism

Muslims deface Bomber Command memorial UK

The RCMP sidelined more than 300 investigations, mostly into organized-crime, as it redirected more than $100-million to its national-security squads after two Canadian soldiers were killed by Islamic State sympathizers.

The figures come from government records obtained by The Globe and Mail under Access to Information laws and speak to how big of a bite the force’s counterterrorism contingent has been taking out of its traditional law-enforcement work.

These massive RCMP redeployments started in October, 2014 – the month that a terrorist gunman shot dead a Canadian Forces soldier, before being killed while storming Parliament.

  • WalterBannon

    RCMP Put Hundreds Of Files On Hold In Shift Toward Anti-conservatism

  • Gary

    Thank you islam.
    It now costs Canadians about $100.00 per muslim for Security because their Holy book orders then to kill us.
    We rescued people from Afghanistan but when Chretien sent troops there after
    9/11 there was a refugee from there that put together the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists that wanted slaughter of 5000 people by using Truck bombs in Down Town Toronto .
    During the Court trial where they boasted about the plot for allah…the leader said that our troops were killing his muslims Brothers in the Taliban .

    yes folks…..we take in Muslims with their BS story about fleeing violence and want to live in peace.
    Then when they go to war with us outside canada…the ones inside canada do jihad terrorism for allah and Spit on our values . islam has been at war with the world for 1400 years , its followers want canada to be an islamic State according to Imam Rockwell .

    Thanks to smart phones and satellites….muslims can no longer push their charade that islam=Peace and that 99% are peaceful while a few bad apples ruin it for them .
    NO islam – Know Peace

  • simus1

    Fighting muslim terrorists involves loyal citizens losing their freedoms and the building up huge expanding, always expanding, ineffectual Public Safety bureaucracies.
    Quel surpris ! !

  • BillyHW

    Muslims are a cancer upon our society.