Mom must be so proud…

Canadian man, 31, holds bizarre protest outside a courhouse in just his underwear to demand police return his bong and marijuana – and it works!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Weed is the only thing that stoners can ever be fully committed to.

    • deplorabledave

      And it makes for some strange bedfellows.

  • passerby1969

    Marijuana should be legalized and regulated. It’s everywhere, and my tax money should not be funding cops chasing after this sort of thing.

    I think what the man did was great. Peaceful protest.

    • canminuteman

      I kind of agree with you, but rather than legalize and regulate I would just get rid of all laws that have anything to do with it. Basically what we have now is the government thinking they can take over the roll of organized crime and make some money off it. If it’s benign it should be regulated like apples are. Anyone can grow them, anyone can sell them and it’s no one else’s business. If you want to be a stoner it’s non of my concern, but I don’t believe we need the government to take over the roll of gangster like they do with gambling and liquor.

      • passerby1969

        I do think there should be some controls to make it harder for kids to buy.

        • terrence22

          the proposed legislation has a clause that says how much a 12 year old can possess – it is quite a lot.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      That’s how they end up! Peaceful and stupid.

  • Alain

    Please excuse my ignorance but what is a ‘bong’?

    • Clink9

      Pot pipe.

      • Alain


  • LairdKintyre

    Hes 31? He ought to start looking after himself. Im 45 and in better shape on a bad day. I feel sorry for him. Must be the pot wrecking his body and mind

  • LairdKintyre

    Pot is for losers

  • BStrang

    Kitchener, eh? It used to be, at least to this Guelph resident, that you avoided the K-W area during Oktoberfest. Now it seems the lunacy lasts year round.
    To be fair, we Guelphites did have Brother Wally Tucker and his “Church of the Universe” camped out here for a while back in the 80’s…

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Wally came from Hamilton. I wouldn’t have wanted him covering my ass in a knock down drag out brawl.

    • Exile1981

      His son set up a sattelite church in Alberta that was across from an rcmp station and stayed open till 2010. The rcmp never raided it once.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    This is what happens when you smoke that shit; you have a brain fuck.

    • terrence22

      And if you smoke it regularly, the brain fuck is irreversible