Inside the new battle against Google

One of the biggest, most embarrassing divorces in the normally quiet world of Washington think tanks blew into the open earlier this month, when writer Barry Lynn and nine others defected from New America. Lynn said they were pushed out of the influential Democratic think tank after he wrote a post this summer criticizing Google, one of its key funders. Anne-Marie Slaughter, who heads the foundation, called the story reporting the news “false”—then wrote a long Medium post walking her charge back.

Whatever the final trigger for the split, its roots lay far deeper than this summer’s scuffle. The Google controversy marked the most public emergence of an intellectually combative group jostling for a role as the new economic brain of the Democratic Party.

  • DMB

    I recommend duck duck go as the new preferred search engine to use since it effecizes on privacy.

    • Alain

      That is what I have been using for some time. For me it was the privacy part that sold me.

      • terrence22

        me too

    • disqusW6sf

      Me three.

  • Alain

    These monopolies must be broken up. They are acting as though they are the government and no one elected them.