Hillary Clinton doubling down on her “deplorables” comment was an unforced error

Not a good sign for her political future, or her party’s, if she continues to represent them.

I wrote in response to a Mark Steyn column, Hillary goes looking for the real killers:

Some of Hillary’s errors appear forced and others unforced. Forced error: Her entire political spectrum now largely consists, by its own choice, of identity groups, featuring entitlement, grievance, and demands for apologies and reparations. That is all that she – and they – can do. It is what they know and increasingly, all they know. Blaming her team for her defeat is just an episode of progressives experiencing their existential drama internally.

The backlash from this forced error won’t do the same harm to progressive group unity that it would do the unity of a traditional group. Progressives can easily get over their hurt feelings by turning jointly to attack a new target in their ever-widening circle of outgroups.

Unforced error: Most Americans are still members of outgroups. In that context, defending her “deplorables” comment was a mistake. A more traditional person than Hillary would simply have said, “I was hearing bad news, got carried away, and said some things I shouldn’t. Who doesn’t? I am sorry. What I said isn’t really true.”

Yes, there would still be a flurry of condemnation among outgroup activists. But how many of the activists would want to be judged by the standard they would then be using? And be seen to be using, resulting in hypocrisy charges later when one of them slips. So the story would slowly recede.

Doubling down on the “deplorables” comment was an unforced error in the sense that Hillary could have apologized properly, in her own interests. But by not doing so, she is being honest: She really does believe that non-progressives are deplorable. So anyone who votes for her candidates in the future must realize that they are voting to save themselves from the second- (or worse) class status they wish on their neighbours.

Another commenter replied,

Nice post, I must take exception to a minor point: “Progressive can easily get over their hurt feelings…” Turning to “their ever-widening circle of outgroups” (great term, by the way!) does not help them get over their hurt feelings. Rather it assures them a constant supply of hurt feelings because without them, they don’t know how to navigate or function. Hurt feelings are the oxygen to their breathing, no oxygen = death by asphyxiation.

What do readers think? Can Hillary resurrect her political career?

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