RCMP illegally snooped mobile phones with Stingray device: Watchdog

The RCMP illegally scooped up mobile phone data half a dozen times using controversial Stingray devices, the federal privacy watchdog says.

  • Mark Matis

    Quelle surprise! “Law Enforcement” acting in such a manner.

    Surely by now you understand that they only exist to protect their Masters, protect their Brothers in Red (changed it just for you Canucks, eh!), and generate revenue. Or are you STILL clinging to the folly that they are there to protect you and yours???

    But then surely Canada has no equivalents to Jerry Waller of Dallas or Andrew Lee Scott of Leesburg or Corey Jones of Palm Beach or Justine Damond of Minneapolis, do you??? And by the way, there are THOUSANDS more like them, if you want.

  • Uncommunist

    Gee I wonder if the police state is willingly and actively being used to oppress, harass and undermine true conservative Canadians that care about Canada, perhaps that is why many ‘Conservative’ politicos are so … pc. ?

  • Tooth&Claw

    Once upon a time they were a mostly ethical organization that was used to police areas that had no real law enforcement.
    Today they’re political toadies and betray those they were meant to serve.