More troubles in ‘Londonistan’

We call it London, but its nickname among many terrorism watchers and security experts is “Londonistan.”

According to Foreign Policy magazine’s Leela Jacinto, “the term apparently originated with a sarcastic remark by a French intelligence officer frustrated by Britain’s failure to crack down on radical Islamists in their midst.”

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Until the Muslims stumble upon a way to rape and murder the British upper classes, then the rapes and murders of everyone else will continue.
    Melanie Phillips is also part of the problem, however she is well down on the list of what makes England suicidal.

    • Solo712

      Just out of curiosity: what makes you think that Melanie Phillips is “part of the problem”?

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        Her trashing of Pam Geller a few years back. Maybe five years by now.
        Geller seemed to be pretty mystified by it as well.
        Her tantrum was excused as a product of the English class system, but I think there was more too it.
        It was almost like Charles Johnson’s meltdown at Little Green Footballs where he was seeing evidence of white supremacy everywhere and over the course of just one week.
        I think both instances were a cover for something else, but exactly what, I don’t know.
        She accused Geller of hanging with unsavory elements of the EDL, a popular boogeyman of that time.

        • bob e

          right on the money. I wrote her an email about supporting the edl once & she scatched me off her list of people she should talk to ..

          • Drunk by Noon ✓

            I know the EDL are not a bunch of Grand Master MENSA types, but that’s fine because we already have enough thinkings and we need street brawlers.
            I couldn’t care less if the EDL were the second coming of Oswald Mosley’s Union of Fascists.
            Fascists are FAR less dangerous than the combination of leftists and Muslims.
            I was more than willing willing to make such ideological “trades” much like Churchill sided with Stalin against Hitler.

      • bob e

        she carries herself in “very high” reguard ..

    • Gary

      Justin’s daughter won’t be forced to obey the ‘ Wear a hijab day ‘ at her school .

  • k1962

    Don’t they look perfect to you? Perfectly smelly, hot, short of breath and deprived of vitamin D. I can think of so many better religious and political systems than the one that cannot be talked about.

    • Tooth&Claw

      Perfectly abhorrent. Unless you like being owned.

    • Maurice Miner

      Dat be raaaayciss!

    • Gary

      In case you hear the racists word about smelly Niqabs women in black.
      This is the norm in my area of Toronto because when I’m at the grocery store I can smell these Burka/Niqab clad women from 4 feet away while many of the men don’t brush their teeth or have the dentist do Scaling to the plaque and their stink make me gag.
      The quran tells them that THEY are the Master-race destine to rule the World….more than 50% of this Master-Race can’t read while a huge number don’t use toilet paper and that’s even in the UK and canada.

      The Liberal elites in Canada don’t have to live near these types of muslims or even shop among them in the White neighbourhoods because all of the Welfare Housing is in poor areas . Liberals claim that they must build the Housing where the poor are but they create the poor first the then houses them away from their homes.
      It’s like claiming that the Plantation had to be built because they had to be near where the Slaves chose to live .
      The slaves were created by islam in Africa and the Plantation exploited them just like Obama exploited the illegals and bogus refugees for Voters.

      • bob e

        well said ..

      • k1962

        I also know it to be a fact from personal experience.

        • Gary

          The Niqab/burka women in my area that I see on the streets and not young women. They are being imported because not one of them seems to speak English or even cars to learn it thanks to Toronto’s ghettos and the Wealthy Liberals that don’t want them near their homes. In 2015, the Census Canada numbers were reported in a news item that Toronto was now officially a majority non-white and non-canadian background City.

          I knew that something was up when Mayor John Tory try to placate us when he said that Toronto is still safer than Chicago , this was after the new norm of record high homicides where the ones from Guns were 90% black victims by black killers.

          If refugees and immigrants that truly fled for canada for a better life could watch a 2 hour movie of Toronto with film clips from 1960 to mid 1980’s…….they would be shocked at the change and filth to see a pattern where their grand children might end up in the same hell-hole City them fled in the 1990’s.
          Toronto had Councilors that were outrage when the City Debt was near $3 billion and would hurt the poor the drive it every year. They even attacked Rob Ford to slay the deficit but not cut services that will hurt the children and seniors.
          But Justin is the PM and Ford is gone. John Tory has the blessings from City Council now where the debt broke through $5,000,000,000.00 and will race to $6 billion as every new Mayor must appease the refugees and 300,000+ illegals.

  • JoKeR
    • bob e

      Sadiq being all of 5′ 4″ himself.

    • Barrington Minge

      Well he would say that; he’s a mooslim. Working to make the rest of us (the civilised ones) believe it.

  • bob e

    after they’ve raped every woman in Britain & have a mosque on every corner ..