How Women are Treated by Islam

Newcastle upon Tyne is a small city in the North-East of England which, in 2017, was acclaimed the best city in the UK in which to raise children (London was the worst). Imagine, then, the shock when the city again became national news on August 9 when a trial at the Crown Court ended in the conviction of 18 people for the sexual grooming of children. Juries “found the men guilty of a catalogue of nearly 100 offences – including rape, human trafficking, conspiracy to incite prostitution and drug supply – between 2011 and 2014.”

  • jayme

    Something that I hadn’t personally considered occurred to me as I read how 99% – or whatever it is – consist of muslim males: for the time being, at least, this is restricted to muslim males, whether first generation or not. Non-muslim males have been socialized to view rape as completely wrong and unacceptable; however, society is changing. Suppose non-muslim males begin to adopt some of the wonderful values of the newer arrivals (and goodness knows the muslims aren’t adopting Western values)?

    So what would be the result? Mandatory covering of women in public (or else they are raped without consequence to the rapist)? Full sharia law, essentially. But even this doesn’t stop predatory actions toward women in muslim nations; it is the societal values that count and if the West’s traditional values are replaced by islamic ones, an islamic society will result.

  • JoKeR
  • Watchman

    “best city in the UK in which to raise children” = “Fresh pubescent meat”

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      It’s sort of like being the tallest of the Seven Dwarves I suppose.