Hillary Clinton: I won!

  • mauser 98
    • ntt1

      don’t forget slime ball frank guistra , an unindited Canadian mining criminal was instrumental in pulling off the uranium scam. Guistra is a typical liberal supporter.

  • BillyHW

    She did win the women’s vote which is why women should never be allowed to vote.

    • ntt1

      yes she is biologically female but the majority of her is bullshit with engineered ballistic Kevlar pantsuits to give it form.

      • Will Quest

        Patron saint of the pant-suit ………..

    • WalterBannon

      once the muslims take over they will fix that

    • Will Quest

      When this grifter was pocketing her super delegate votes to defeat Bernie’s popularity , the popular vote did not matter to her …… she is so psychopathic …….

  • Oracle9

    Fantasy president!

    Doesn’t she understand that the popular vote is a mechanism to ensure that one geographic area doesn’t dominate the politics of a whole country? This concept goes back to Roman Republic times.

    • mobuyus

      She’d like to ride the wave of mobocracy when she isn’t riding huma’s strap on islam.

      • Oracle9

        Mobocracy can work in either direction, as the elites and collectivist groups in Europe will soon learn. I anticipate peak p-c in the not too distant future and then it will be anyone’s guess on how ugly things will get or how long it will take before sanity is restored.

        Looking at any point through history, the problem with human nature in politics is that it seems to always veer towards instability after a very few decades.

    • ntt1

      we could use that concept in BC right now ,where urban metrosexuals and feminists have slimly elected a communist /green pond scum coalition that has killed off thousands of jobs in the last few months.

      • Frances

        Back in the day, the comment in our small town was that “Canada ends at the Rockies and BC ends at Hope”; our area seemed to exist only to supply the relevant governments with lots of funds (mining and forestry were doing well then), with minimum return in the form of good roads, hospitals, and other services. After Social Credit was elected, the saying was amended to “BC ends at Kelowna”. The interior of BC has always been exploited by the provincial government, to the advantage of those in the Vancouver – Victoria axis.

        • ntt1

          maybe a version of the electoral college would work, you are right its an old grievance ,as yet unresolved ,there has to be a way. Something based on
          land area rather than voter numbers?

          • Frances

            It needs to be a combination, otherwise the sparsely-populated hinterlands can (and may well) veto much-needed expenditures in the more densely populated areas. I know this was always the complaint in Alberta: Edmonton and Calgary were – relatively speaking – neglected because there were more ridings in the farmlands. Alternatively, you need a really competent government who will properly balance the needs of the various regions.

          • ntt1

            there is the basic problem

      • Oracle9

        I left BC because the place is unlivable. Then the communists took over on the federal and provincial levels, and Eastern Europe or Israel are looking like far better places to live than this damned country. I don’t blame the governments, I blame the Canadian public. Even in my personal circles, not a one has demonstrated any sign of awareness of reality.

        Still waiting for a comment from any of my acquaintances on the imminent collapse of our society. Crickets! They are all living in the 1990s.

    • Clausewitz

      She lost the majority of popular votes across the 50 states of the US. So STFU Hillary.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The Democrats by now are wishing that she would just STFU.

    • Clausewitz

      I hope she continues right into 2020. Show the Democrats for the vile slime that they are.

  • Clink9

    What a pathetic pile of human refuse.

  • Gary

    Sorry Hillary….. but Bill won when the opponent had more Votes. NOW you whine that Bill shouldn’t have been President .
    You’re like Justin Trudeau in a pant suit that was against deficits and Harper that wasn’t transparent but Justin is now running $30 billion deficits and is hiding his spending of tax dollars for vacations and trip unrelated to being the PM.

  • Solo712
  • Editor

    That picture is a microcosm of what’s wrong with America. Left wing loonies with a TV audience and Clinton.

  • The candidates knew what the rules were, and if the rules were different the campaigns would have been run differently. This is nothing but sour grapes on Hillary’s part and an effort to change the US Constitution to favor the left.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Yes you won. You are now the assistant deputy under secretary of cleaning up dogshit, in Hell. Fuck off and get cancer.

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