Google Canada gave $20K to anti-pipeline Dogwood Initiative during 2015 election

BC-based Dogwood Initiative is all about trying to stop oil and gas projects like pipelines. They’ve also been known to meddle in Canadian elections in order to accomplish their goals by rallying against pro-oil and gas candidates.

  • Alain

    Based in BC does not change the fact that it yet another front for radical foreign leftists and most of its money comes from there. Another nail in Google’s coffin.

  • Bla Bla

    Damn vermin just can’t wait to starve and freeze out the commoner for their putrid exercises in virtue signalling. I remember a similar event happening in the 1790’s France – didn’t go will for the virtue signalers then – in fact I believe they lost their heads over it. These people are dangerous, and murderous as their pet projects would set us right back to the days when people would die off of basic disease or malnutrition before their 35th birthdays.

    If the political leaders are too busy with trying to be the biggest ass to their citizens on the planet, maybe it’s time the people take over again. Hell, just look how well it’s going down in venezuela with the fat bastard mad maduro – that’s where we are going – it’s only time.

    As for google – a good start is for people to start using ad blockers. Starve the bastards out of their ad revenue.

  • Once again, wealthy Americans influence what Canada does.

    The outrage is where exactly?