Global Study: Immigration a ‘Major’ Concern Across 25 Countries, Majority Doubt ‘Refugee’ Claims

In every single nation surveyed a plurality thought that immigration had had a negative effect. An average of 48 per cent said there are too many immigrants in their countries, against 21 per cent who believe there are not.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Clearly those 25 countries all need to have adult schools where those anti-refugee racists are re-educated to have the correct progressive values.

    • Editor

      Just be patient. That’s already part of the K-12 to university program.

    • Nah it’s cheaper to kill them off.

      • Observer

        Isn’t that why so many western countries’ leaders who are importing Middle Eastern and North African replacement populations, are so enthusiastic about euthanasia?

  • Alain

    Yeah, for some reason when people have the impression that without knowing it they have been airlifted and dropped in some foreign country every time they venture outside of house or apartment, they may get the impression that there is far too much immigration being allowed.

    • Editor

      But it will surely get better when the governments of the 25 countries polled read the study results. I’m sure they will take into account their citizens’ concerns and act upon them without delay . . .

      • Alain

        I am still waiting to be polled on that. Some years back there was the opportunity to provide input on line on immigration when Harper was PM. I provided mine and never heard anything back. Also, whatever the results were, they were never made public and immigration policy continued on as usual.

        • Editor

          I replied to that on-line survey also. I mentioned that the now apparently antiquated concept of immigration serving the needs of the host country was a sound concept and that Canada, being founded on Judeo-Christian principles by mostly European ancestors, immigration should not necessarily strive to change the current ethnic, cultural and religious make up of the host country, as seems to be the case, if not the unspoken goal, today. These ideas surely make me a nazi by today’s standards but this one way street of tolerance is wearing thin. Never heard anything back either.

  • LairdKintyre

    A great man once said, “”East is Easr and West is West and nevet shall the two meet”” why cant we just keep the Third World where it belongs in the Third World?

  • Lightstream

    I see Canada is near the top to accept immigrants to fill shortages. Most of Canada is a nation of imbeciles, led by the biggest imbecile of them all.
    We should be training our citizens to fill these shortages.

    • John Boy

      Maybe Canadians just don’t want to be drug dealers, pimps and muggers?

    • Alain

      It remains to be proven that there are not enough Canadians able to fill those “shortages”. That is a bogus claim to justify both mass immigration/population replacement and foreign workers.

  • Watchman

    To a leftist, ‘Fleeing Poverty’ is adequate cause to classify someone as a legitimate refugee. For the moment though, traction with the ‘Fleeing the Effects of Global Warming’ is not being widely accepted. In both cases, the West is supposed to accept these ‘refugees’ because the West is supposedly responsible for exploiting poor counties for their wealth and causing the climate change on these third world countries.