Geert Wilders: “In My Opinion, Islam Is Not a Religion”

Geert Wilders (54) is not surprised at the shocking poll results released by daily newspaper De Telegraaf. The fact that only thirteen percent of the Dutch population feel that the problem of integration will solve itself is a writing on the wall, according to him. And that only eleven percent of the Dutch see Islam as an enrichment proves in his opinion that what he has been calling for years. “If I had said that three years ago, I would have had tens of thousands of police reports thrown at me. But people are completely fed up with it. “

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    If Islam is just another religion, then Communism and Nazism are just political parties, that just happen to have killed hundreds of millions of people.

    • Alain

      If Islam is a religion, then so is Communism and Nazism.

  • Tooth&Claw

    I’m with him. Islam is not a religion. It is a totalitarian ideology. One that has no place in a free society as it is by definition anti-freedom and pro-slavery.

  • Dana Garcia

    Geert is completely correct.

    Islam is a fascist political system bent on world domination that uses its “holy book” as a strategy of control.

  • DMB

    Overall I do agree with him that Islam is a political ideology rather than merely a religion since Islam exhibits traits that no other religion has such as Sharia Law which is a system of governance, military ambitions bent on world domination. Islam does not have a specific economic system however it would be somewhere between Communism and Fascism. Islam just doesn’t want control of a person’s body they want control of the mind and the soul making it a spiritual form of warfare. Spiritual were blind faith to doctrine is mandated over the salvation of one’s soul especially if your a woman in Islam were there is no salvation [ Sahih Bukhari (2:28) & Sahih Bukhari (54:464) – Women comprise the majority of Hell’s occupants. This is important because the only women in heaven mentioned explicitly by Muhammad are the virgins who serve the sexual desires of men. (A weak Hadith, Kanz al-`ummal, 22:10, even suggests that 99% of women go to Hell).] For a women in Islam the only mandatory requirement is obedience to authority which most certainly does make it a totalitarian ideology rather than a religion.

    • Tooth&Claw

      The economic of Islam are based on looting your neighbors that are infidels, slavery, halal certification and zakat.

  • DMB
  • Oracle9

    Misunderstanding of what a religion is is the key to the grotesque confusion which is causing secular humanist Western democracies to tie themselves into knots.

    Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Islam is a political and social system which has usurped the veneer of religion to prosecute its supremacist political aims.

    The radical Left of course, including Justin Trudeau and our whole government, all parties, down to each and every representative, have not the ability to understand this simple concept.

    • Alain

      Like a broken record I repeat that Islam is no more a religion than Communism or even Nazism. All three are ruthless, totalitarian ideologies that demand total submission without any right to question anything, and all three seek or at least sought world domination.

  • Watchman

    “thirteen percent of the Dutch population feel that the problem of integration will solve itself”
    I hadn’t realised that 13% of the Netherlands population was muslim. I feel that in general the Dutch leftists might acknowledge there was a problem, but believe the cure is more muslim immigrants and more socialist redistribution of wealth rater than inaction.

  • Paul X

    “The revolution occurs when the victims cease to cooperate.”
    — Karl Hess