Flawed forensics: DNA analysis is NOT The Truth, as in endless cop show reruns

File:DNA simple.svg And much harm follows from believing so. From Shawna Williams at The Scientist:

Cutting-edge DNA identification techniques used by the office of New York City’s chief medical examiner were less reliable than claimed, some experts say. …

“I’m 100 percent convinced that there are many people who are incarcerated who were convicted with DNA evidence who are innocent,” Bicka Barlow, a lawyer with a background in genetics and molecular biology, tells the Times.

At issue in the letter are techniques called “high-sensitivity testing,” or low copy number analysis, which detects trace amounts of DNA, and the Forensic Statistical Tool (FST), a software program to calculate whether a given person’s genetic material is likely present in a sample of mixed DNA. More.

Science promotes superstition as readily as does any other intellectual exercise because the key driver of superstition is the attempt to use knowledge as a form of control rather than understanding. That leads inevitably to slackness and corruption, which means that what is exalted as the Truth falls short of ordinary truths and ends up becoming discredited.

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Forensic DNA evidence in doubt? (low copy analysis)


Is forensics really a science.? Yes, and it suffers from the same problems as any other.

  • Gary

    I started to follow Biology as a hobby about 38 years ago and it delved into the DNA and RNA .
    The DNA strand is about 1 meter long and if you could hold the end of it like a thread … nobody has the ability to see it because it’s a double Helix like a long rubber ladder where you twist the ends to compact the CODES and reduce the width.
    Each strand is held inside a Cell like a clump of string inside an egg shell.

    Science said that we were linked to apes as simians just by the theory of evolution which was to work backwards and fit the evidence in a neat order to back the theory .
    But hold on Dawkins……..around 2011 a Scientist had the most advanced DNA evaluation Machine and published a paper showing that we were far more closer to a Lemur than apes.
    My studying of the DNA shows that the GTCA amino Acids in the Strand
    have a very complicated arrangement for the GTCA and could be TGTAACACGGAGCTCA………….and son on . The trick is to use Identical twins or triplets and look for any deviation in the codes for skin moles or finger prints
    which are NOT the same.

    My DNA sample would be very close to my younger brothers because we look like our father and look the same at the same age. My pictures from age 4-7 can be used for my brother that looked like me but could stand beside a new car where people will ask how I did it to stand next to a new 1968 Mustang and then a new 1977 Dodge at the Auto shows.
    One day I heard John Moore from CFRB act like an expert in DNA to mock the caller to the radio show when the DNA evidence was questioned when Police link a person a crime.
    I knew that Moore was wrong because DNA findings at a crime scene could be planted in some cases to use to arrest the person you think did it. But also…..a man that looks just like me would be a near perfect match even if they had different colour eyes .

    There was a case where a man was assume to be the killer because his finger prints were found in the bathroom of the home for the victim and he was from that area and knew of the family .
    But the real killer was a handy man that did the plumbing repair earlier and was cleared . Except that the alleged killer had an alibi and it was discovered that
    he was a regular customer at the same Hardware store and had touched the same Faucets the killer did that were used in the bathroom repair.

    Until we can decode the DNA to know that the GAACTCAATTCTTA in the chain at a unique spot shows Blues eyes the size of your fingers or nose…..I never trusted the DNA as 100% proof because now we could have a Lemur spit near a murder spot at the Zoo and convict everyone working there since it’s more accurate than the chimp spitting in the same spot.
    I’m the only child in the family that doesn’t have blue eyes but they match my fathers eyes to make me closer to him than anyone….so if my dad bumps off mom , I’m a suspect if they find my dads spit .

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    The myth of the math of DNA “matches”.

    “The men matched at 9 of the 13 locations on chromosomes, or loci, commonly used to distinguish people.
    The [Federal Bureau of Investigation] estimated the odds of unrelated people sharing those genetic markers to be as remote as 1 in 113 billion. But the mug shots of the two felons suggested that they were not related: One was black, the other white.”

    Later, a systematic search of the 65,000 felons in the Arizona database revealed that there were 122 pairs that matched at 9 of 13 loci. Twenty pairs matched at 10 loci.