Carbon tax gouged Ontarians out of $1.5B so far in 2017

Did you know Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government has taken $1.5 billion extra out of our pockets since the start of this year?

By “extra” I mean money her government wasn’t taking from us in 2016, from all sources of government revenue.

This $1.5 billion extra — $1,501,908,017 to be precise — comes from Ontario’s new cap and trade carbon pricing scheme.

  • BillyHW

    It’s a tax on productivity, poverty elimination, and wealth creation, all to make a non-existent cut to plant food emissions.

    • But she created the energy poor to save us!

    • Gary

      Don’t be fooled…..not 1 of the 1,000,000+ adults in the Public sector Unions will pay a cent because Wynne will adjust up the COLA rate and pad their pension and benefits prior to the 2018 Election.
      When you own the OPP and Justin owns the RCMP…..Liberals won’t see one day in jail cell or courtroom as a suspect .

      Just today I was at a street festival and all of the private security was large White and Black males bigger than 90% of the people there while the Toronto Police were the PC/Diversity Mini-cops that had small females officers and males that were smaller the 90% of the people there .
      In the 1970’s I was 1/2 inch too short based on the height standards where a Cop patrolled by them self in the Cruiser and had to be about 2 inches taller than the Mean Height for males in canada to help defuse problems just buy their size when a 5 foot 7 hothead gets violent in a bar or eatery.
      In comes a 6 foot 2 cop that play college football at 230 lbs and suddenly that hothead cools off .
      Cops also had to be 25 to have some life experience and maybe have a family so they aren’t quick to shoot someone else’s child. Today it’s only 21 and they are short with a chip on the shoulder to be trigger happy because very big person is a threat so they shoot them first and then find out if they are innocent .

      Who do these Mini-cops call when they need 9-1-1 help because someone has a gun or steel bar to kill them .
      The TPSB Posters showed happy cops helping children across the street or dancing at a parade and street festival . Good luck when these mini-cops that think they can use their experience to move the Dallas or Chicago with their spouse for their new job and they expect to get hired by the Dallas police for Diversity but are 5 foot 5 and 130 lbs and NEVER fired a gun at a human.
      They’re stuck in Toronto in their Diversity ghetto for their colour, religion , language , sexual preference , nationality and size .

  • mauser 98
  • Gary

    I now see why homosexuals were committed to protect society and them self.

    Who would have thought there was a group in Toronto ‘ Queer’s for Palestine’ when hamas would slit their throat in a heartbeat in Gaza.

  • Ho Hum

    For me the most infuriating thing about headlines like this is the fact that there is no political opposition to this madness. The Muslim-loving closet-faggot Patrick Brown is not opposed to Carbon taxes. We are doomed in this country

  • But people voted for it, so …