White House Messaging On Amnesty Deal Shifts After Conservative Criticism

President Donald Trump’s bid to protect hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants will likely not include a path to citizenship and be coupled with a decrease in legal immigration, according to the White House’s legislative director.

  • Clink9


    • Let’s hope this signals a return to his campaign promises.

  • SDMatt

    In DC swamp drains you, apparently.

    The chalk board should definitely have Plan A – Trump’s i.e. campaign promises – scratched out.

    However it’s not clear to me at all that Plan B – Ivanka and Jared’s DACA scheming – is off the table despite what that article says. Trump has to come out and be clear about being against it.

    • I am hoping the message is getting through to him.

      • jayme

        And the message should be getting through to Republicans that he can’t be trusted.

  • Dana Garcia

    Most illegals just come for the jobs and money, and they don’t care about citizenship and voting. But the DACAs have been marinated in politics and will demand everything they can get, including a right to vote.

    Plus, Trump is delusional if he thinks work permits and/or eventual citizenship isn’t “amnesty.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    Here’s what you do

    Grant Amnesty, but, for every single crime you were guilty of by the very fact of your presence or committed while here to preserve that presence eg. forging a license, you accept without appeal, a criminal conviction for every single offense be they misdemeanor or felony (and some of them are).

    No jail time and no fine and no other punishment BUT each and every criminal conviction follows you for as long as that statute permits.

    Because my #1 objection is not that they will be waived in or granted any sort of amnesty but that unlike EVERY OTHER PERSON they will be permitted to have their criminal offenses not charged, vacated, erased. As opposed to say every single citizen who can’t get a job, an apartment or loan because of some long ago bogus bust for some such trivial thing or another.

    And – sell this to the SJW snowflakes who get arrested in college for rioting or whatever and then it dawns on them that half the companies in America will never hire them, half the rental agencies in America will never rent to them and half the banks in America will never write them ANY kind of loan.

    But if the snowflakes want to be broke and homeless in the name of raising up illegals over them, that’s fine too. Especially since they’ll have these massive school loans that don’t care if they’re unemployable.

  • DaninVan

    Some ditzy blonde that can’t make a decision… 😉