North Korea fires second missile over Japan as US tells China and Russia to take ‘direct action’

Don’t forget to replenish my cheese supply Trumpy.

Trump will do what all other presidents have done in this situation – Free Stuff will be coming Kim’s way.

  • BobSykes

    If you want to remove North Korea’s nuclear deterrent, you have to do two things. (1) Sign a peace treaty that legitimizes the North Korea regime and guarantees its security. (2) Buy the nukes, missiles, raw materials and assembly facilities and make the scientists, engineers and technicians emigrate. By “buy” I mean a monetary transaction, perhaps a Marshall Plan for the North, likely to approach $1T.

    Failing that, you have to admit North Korea to the nuclear club. China and Russia will not permit any military action, and they have threatened to intervene on the North’s side if we do. It has already been proven that sanctions cannot and will not work, although extreme sanctions like a total oil embargo might precipitate an attack by the North on the South.

    The downside of admitting the North to the club is that it would nullify the NPT, and another 10 to 20 countries would become nuclear powers, including our BFF Iran.

    Our so-called foreign policy in this crisis consists entirely of name calling and threats and demands for submission and humiliation. It is utterly absurd.

    Russia, by the way, just hosted a three-way conference in Vladivostok between themselves, North Korea and South Korea. The topic was expanded economic cooperation and trade and the extension of the Trans-Siberian Railway through the Korean peninsula. Both Koreas expressed interest, but any agreement was put off until the current crisis is ended.

    The Russian offer is intended to further the economic and political integration of Eurasia and to enhance Russia’s position in the Far East. It is an example of creative diplomacy.

    • Interesting, thanks.

    • favill

      Do all that…and give S. Korea and Japan nukes as a deterrent to N.Korea’s aggression. If China and Russia complain…well they’ve had 54 years to figure out how to control N. Korea. Having said that, I believe that Kim is firing these rockets at the urging of another country.

      • Observer

        How about hacking the NK missiles guidance system and redirecting them to China?

        I bet that would put an end to the missile launches pretty quickly.

        • favill

          Now, that is truly Machiavelian! However, who’s to say that N. Korea isn’t firing off obsolete Chinese missiles without the nuke payload?

    • Minicapt

      This way to cloud-cuckoo land …


  • Ed

    Fatfuk will come to heel when the Emental runs out.

    • tom_billesley

      The theory is that the jerk has ‘roid rage because all the cheese and wine has given him gout and he’s taking steroids to treat it.

  • tom_billesley

    The theory is that the jerk has ‘roid rage because all the cheese and wine has given him gout and he’s taking steroids to treat it.

  • DaninVan

    You can’t blame the latest test on Trump’s caving to Pelosi and Schumer yesterday, but you can bet the farm that his folding didn’t go unnoticed in N. K.!
    Anything Trump says on the N.K. file will be filed in Pyongyang as ‘Climate Change’ ie Hot Air. Credibility = zero.