The Thought Police Strike Again

Headlines every day proclaim the new religion: political correctness, cultural vandalism and censorship — not from Islamic emirates such as Saudi Arabia, but in Western cities right here.

The Writers Union of Canada, for instance, recently apologized for a magazine editorial that defended the right of novelists to create characters from a backgrounds other than their own.

Just think of that: a writer defending the right to use one’s imagination?! What an insult! At least, to “the new Stalinists” it is.

“In my opinion anyone, anywhere, should be encouraged to imagine other peoples, other cultures, other identities,” Hal Niedzviecki, who was the editor of the union’s magazine, Write, defended freedom in an editorial. The Union then announced that Niedzviecki had resigned.

  • simus1

    “Stalinist red fascist enviro genocidists”.
    True, concise, complete. What’s not to like ?

  • Clausewitz

    SJW’s sense of history is very selective. Apparently to the left putting things into perspective is a skill they never appropriated.

  • tom_billesley

    Writers and artists must all conform to socialist realism.
    Shakespeare shouldn’t have created characters like Othello and Shylock, and certainly steered clear of witches and faeries. He should have stuck with 17th century English characters.

  • vwVwwVwv

    we have to create new academic titles, for to distinguish the new nomenclaturorist
    leftocratist’s from real people, like adding a title to Dr. Prof. Pdh…..
    which only classical academics can get only from
    conservative academics.

  • Reminds me of the Welshman who drove a van into Muslims outside a London mosque. How he escaped a worldwide social media firestorm condemning him for cultural appropriation I do not know.

    He was definitely a terrorist, mind. The Police and the PM knew that with absolute certainty within three milliseconds of being told he was not a Muslim.

    Sometimes I think I will wake up and find it was all the fault of the cheese I ate last night. I believe eating ripe cheese is part of French culture; does that make me a cultural appropriator, I wonder?

    The more I think about this the more it seems like Alice’s rabbit hole. I really cannot be bothered checking now but I suspect that virtually every word I have just written is probably “appropriated” from a culture other than the one I grew up in. The lunatics really have taken over the asylum.