Steve King: Looks to Me Like Trump is Keeping Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Promise Instead of His Own

As we’ve covered, President Trump’s base isn’t happy with his Thursday morning announcement a deal is being made on DACA with the border wall “coming later.”

During an interview with CNN, Iowa Congressman Steve King did not mince words when describing his disappointment.

“If we don’t build a wall all the through, then the rest of it is subject to prosecutorial discretion. His, as it was under Barack Obama or under the next president,” King said. “Something is going to have to reverse here with this President’s policy or it will just blow up his base. This was a straight up promise all the way through his campaign.”

“I don’t think it is unclear to anybody what those campaign promises were but it looks to me like he’s preparing to keep Hillary Clinton’s campaign promise rather than his own,” he continued.

  • BillyHW

    It was nice while it last though.

    • Yes it was.

    • Brenda

      Women shouldn’t vote: we all voted for Trump and look what happened.

  • Yes, Trump has been changing sides in the last couple of months, steering sharp left.

    • Yea, my suspicion is this is his exit strategy.

      • The Fake News Media (CNN, WaPO, NYT, etc.) managed to tame him. His tweets are now sweet. He is gentle as a lamb. It is easier for him to become part of the swamp than to try draining it.

        • k2

          He’s supposed to be such a fiery and strong independent type of guy, but I have to wonder if he’s a bit of a people pleaser as well. That daughter and son-in-law have far too much influence on him, I suspect.

          • Yes, he wants to be loved (which is normal). The influence of his family must be regarded as part of him; it is not an outside influence that can be cut off. A lot of the anti-Javanka rant I see on the Internet is, I suspect, anti-Semitic in its emotional source.

          • k2

            Not everyone wants to be liked (I use that word instead of “love” because I find that in English the word is overused and made to try to cover far too many situations: “Love you guys! Bye!”; “I love my dog”; “I love chocolate”; “I love my children”, etc.) Consider a classic narcissist (they do exist): he/she will only care about others’ feelings in as much as it can be used advantageously – someone who likes them is more likely to give them what they want, which is their only concern.

            With regard to Trump and whether he wishes to be liked by others, including his family: of course most people do; it is a question of degree. This desire becomes a problem when one is (for instance) prone to making decisions or taking actions based on a desire for others’ approval, decisions and actions that might not be in one’s (or in this case, the nation’s) best interest. This is what I meant by “people pleasing”.

          • K2 – I agree with you. I’m not defending Trump’s change of direction.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It took such feelers by Trump to the Democrats to get Republican congressmen to remove their heads from their asses.

  • mauser 98

    “What makes me such a lightning rod for fury? I’m really asking . . . I’m at a loss.” – Hillary Clinton.

  • barryjr

    Lyin’ Donnie is showing his true colours.

  • Jabberwokk

    Why is everyone surprised? Guess you never learned that a tree is known by it’s fruit.

    I remember after the primaries talking to some liberal friends all freeking out about Trump. I told them: What are you complaining about? Your going to get minimum 12 years of democratic rule. 1 term for Trump and two more for whatever democrat wins the election after him. All they have to do now is pin Trump’s actions and words(and tweets) to the republican name and viola Presidency.

    Sorry you all have to learn the hard way but then after the whole Redford/Smith debacle you should have learned how important it is to stick to your character.