Liberals are wrongly supporting a Muslim victimhood narrative

Sixteen years have passed since that horrific day in 2001, and we must still wrestle with the scourge of terrorism. The Muslim world had already been exposed to terrorist atrocities for decades, but in recent years the Western world has also witnessed carnage at the hands of terrorist cells or lone wolves usually inspired by the rhetoric of articulate and ruthless demagogues.

In the Muslim world it is long-established sectarianism that claims lives through terror attacks. In the Western world, it is those old animosities coupled with current political conflicts that have sparked the recent waves of terror, inspired largely by the likes of ISIS and their supporters.

  • Flyboy

    Hassan has hit the nail on the head. M-103 is wrong in accusing Canada and Canadians of “systemic racism” and “religious discrimination” respectively.

  • tom_billesley

    “old animosities coupled with current political conflicts”
    Err… it’s islam. It’s as simple as that.