Amnesty Don Strikes

Mere days ago, Breitbart’s Steve Bannon told “60 Minutes” that “our purpose is to support Donald Trump.” Then, on Wednesday, Trump decided to make an immigration deal with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi over Chinese food. Within minutes, Breitbart was dubbing the president it had pledged to support “Amnesty Don.”

For Breitbart, accusing someone of supporting “Amnesty” is tantamount to calling him a child molester, so negative is its understanding of the word. That is why a White House spokesman declared afterward that Trump “will not be discussing amnesty.” But in the next sentence, the spokesman said Trump would consider “legal citizenship over a period of time.”

That, my friends, is the very definition of amnesty, pure and simple. Forget his Orwellian newspeak: The Trump spokesman was acknowledging his boss had agreed to follow the provisions of the so-called DREAM Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for 800,000 people.

Nothing else Trump does or says much matters in light of this, he betrayed his supporters and as result will be a 1 term president, though I suspect that’s what he wanted. Don’t expect that “The Wall ” will be built, he won’t receive support from any quarter thanks to the DACA deal since he’s likely harmed Republican election chances. People will stay home in disgust on election day or worse vote Democrat thanks to this “deal”.

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