Hillary Knew Benghazi Security Was in Shambles, Demanded Security Firm SILENCE

So much is still unknown about the terrorist attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi and every time we learn a little more, the official state department, protect Hillary and protect Obama story crumbles a little bit more. The latest revelation is that not only did the state department know that U.S. Benghazi security was in shambles and they hired a different security company to take over security too late to provide security for the attack, but the state dept. warned that new company they better keep silent about what they knew and what the state department knew.

  • Dana Garcia

    Lock her up! — It’s not too late.

  • Brett_McS

    Wait, I’m confused. This wasn’t covered in “What Happened”?

  • ontario john

    I blame Russian Nazis and Harper.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is unravelling as a classic case of bribery, kickbacks and graft

  • deplorabledave

    She talks about Orwells’ 1984 in the book and gets the gist of it totally wrong.

    • As though she is qualified to even guess at Orwell’s obvious meaning.

  • “What Happened … In Benghazi”.