Donald Trump: The Wall Is Actually Just Renovation of Old Fences

President Donald Trump admitted that he wasn’t actually going to build a great new wall on the southern border but repair existing fences and build selective strategic border structures.

“The WALL, which is already under construction in the form of new renovation of old and existing fences and walls, will continue to be built,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning.

Donald Trump was excited about winning the Presidency, he doesn’t care much about being president however. These reversals smell of an exit strategy after a single term.

Right explodes in anger over Trump’s immigration push

President Trump’s supporters are apoplectic and lashing out at “Amnesty Don” for pursuing a deal with Democratic leaders to protect young immigrants who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

  • Dana Garcia

    It look like Amnesty Don intends to screw his base and get lots of cheap workers for his hotels.

    • Them chambermaids is costly.

    • Clausewitz

      Was listening to Rush this afternoon. Does Trump believe what the MSM are reporting, or is this just another attempt by them and the Dem’s to split Trump away from his supporters? Seems the usual suspects may be refining their propaganda.

      • Dana Garcia

        Trump’s own tweets about DACAs are totally incriminating.

        Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!…..— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 14, 2017

      • caliroxanne

        Trump is doing a decent job on his own in terms of upsetting his supporters. The “Fake News” thing was funny at first, but it’s wearing thin. Trump and his supporters must stop using that as an excuse. Yes, the media is biased against Trump, but the media can’t be used as the excuse for everything. Blame the media… Fake news… Trump has fallen short in many respects and many of his campaign promises are starting to look empty.

        • DavidinNorthBurnaby

          Ironically, despite the circus, things are going well on two large files, the economy and the war with ISIS.

        • Clausewitz

          You’re under the mistake assumption that the President can ram through his agenda regardless of Congress. The founding fathers made sure that could not happen. Just think how much worse it could have been under the “rule” of the dynastic Obama regime. The last election was not Republicans vs Democrats, it was elites vs the plebes.. Guess which side the money grubbing MSM supported? As long as the media continue to no longer report news, but only report opinion, I will be skeptical.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    Is he bound to be a one-term wonder?

    • Jabberwokk

      That was my original call.

      He doesn’t have the self awareness nor the character to contain himself and thus is his own foil. Considering who he hangs around I don’t have much hope in him changing. Hard to take advice when you already know everything.

    • I think he wants to be a single term President.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Once a Demorat, always a Demorat.

  • Clink9

    It’s easier to lay back and enjoy it.

  • Jabberwokk

    And the inevitable outcome arrives.

  • I had a feeling the wall wouldn’t be built.

    • Reader

      Is this going to cost the Republicans the Senate in the mid-term elections?

      • Likely. This sort of nonsense keeps voters away out of sheer disgust.

      • I wonder.

        For some people, this might be the last straw.

  • irishrus

    Coulter is sure good at picking them. First Romney, now President Ego. She and others like Drudge screwed over Santorum then, and Ted Cruz now, for bullshit pie in the sky dreamers

    • Alain

      Be that as it may do not think for a second that Cruz or Santorum would have been different. That is the reason for the outrage against Trump in that he was the only one promising what could save the country and not being a career politician and not in anyone’s debt was a plus. To now betray everything he promised is grounds for outrage by patriotic working American people.

      • DaninVan

        The worst part is my having to admit (at some point) to progressive neighbours, family and friends that they were right about Trump being sleazy. The corollary being that I was wrong…
        They’ll never let me forget it 🙁

        • All of us were wrong.

        • Alain

          First let me say that only a mature person is able to admit he was wrong, so that is positive not negative. Second, admitting that we were wrong means only that we were wrong in placing our hope in and believing Trump. That does not by any stretch make the others right, since anyone they supported would have been equally bad or even worse such as Clinton or Bernie. Their gloating is unjustified. For myself the worst thing about it all is being without any hope of the United States saving itself from the destruction the rest of the West rushes towards. As a Canadian it means there will be nothing to prevent our rapid decent into totalitarian globalism, because there is no anchor of a constitutional republic next door.

          • Dana Garcia

            Totally right. The world without a traditional America is lost.

          • Alain

            Indeed, it was our last and only hope.

          • DaninVan

            *Gloom* Exactly.
            It’s been at least 5 years that I’ve been predicting a World War. I’m probably wrong on that as well; we’re just going to turn turtle and surrender. F’ing lemmings.

  • deplorabledave

    A few things I know for sure.

    1. Donald Trump was the only person that was going to defeat the witch.
    2. I don’t believe a thing the msm says.
    3. The republicans are democrat light and will not go along with
    the president vis a vis his platform.

    I’m not gonna jump off the wagon just yet.

    • Clink9

      No matter what Trump actually does compared to what he said he was going to do, they had to vote for his policies.

      If he craps the bed, then look out.

      EVERYONE will be pissed off, not just Dems.

    • Clausewitz

      Not exactly on point, but this does discuss the problem.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Defeating that horrible which was clearly the only objective that mattered.

      • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

        You should read his recent stream of tweets.

        He’s against deporting them.

        *Tweet posted below by Dana.,

  • The Butterfly

    It doesn’t feel like Christmas today.

  • Brett_McS

    But they just keep going north to Canada. Que problem?

  • JoKeR