You want fairness from government? Don’t expect it from Kathleen Wynne

Premier Kathleen Wynne is the queen of fairness. Pretty much every pre-election promise she makes is cast as delivering fairness. So far, she has promised fairness for young people, tenants, low-wage workers and people who use electricity.

  • Sharkibark

    Secret funds funnelled to unions, the air-ambulance service Ornge boondoggle, eHealth, smart meters, Third-World safety standards at the Windsor Parkway, the slush fund for Liberal organizers of the Pan Am Games, the gas plant scandal,(complete with deleted emails!) and now the bi-election bribery trial, to name a few – wish the media would cover even one of these things with the enthusiasm of the Duffy Trial.

    • Chris

      While I wish for the same thing I’ve come to the conclusion that the MSM as it exists today must be obliterated. The journalism schools no longer teach anything resembling ethics and are in fact encouraging social justice activism and political partisanship. The electorates 1st line of defense against government corruption and over-reach has gone completely over to the enemy.

  • ontario john

    There was a story on CTV Barrie the other day about poor people becoming homeless, because they can’t pay their hydro. That sounds pretty fair. But don’t say anything negative to Wynne, or she will take you to court. She is currently threatening her twin brother Patrick Brown with court action over his remarks about scandals she has caused. And of course she has threatened others in the past.

    • Chris

      Lawfare is a typical tactic of the left, especially when they are power, because they make the rules and appoint the judiciary tasked with enforcing them.

  • marty_p

    If you listen closely to her speech immediately after she left court this afternoon – people can be heard chanting “Liar Liar Your Pants are on Fire” in the background.

  • Charlamange Rock

    Blazingcatfur would you and other blogs start respecting the Premier by using her full name, Kathleen O’Day Wynne. You can shorten it by saying Premier K.O Wynne or Premier K.O.W of Ontario, just use all of it, as a matter of respect due this leader.

  • Waffle

    To be fair, at least she’s not frittering away even more of our money on things like image consulting or $400 hair dos. Those polyester shmattes she insists on wearing must be at least 40 years old. My eyes bleed for at least a day every time I look at a photo of her.

  • DMB

    Everyday I don’t see a Lamborghini Centenario parked in my driveway. Where is the fairness in that Kathleen Wynne! 🙂