Why are more Indonesians favoring Shariah?

A significant proportion of the Indonesian population supports the implementation of Islamic law, Shariah, in the Muslim-majority Southeast Asian nation, a nationwide study recently found. The survey commissioned by the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore found that 82 percent of the 1,620 respondents also considered the wearing of the hijab or Islamic headscarf an important outward sign of Islamic religiosity for women.

The survey results come amid growing concerns about the role of religion and rightwing Islamic political activism in Indonesia, which is home to the world’s largest Muslim population numbering over 200 million.

  • tom_billesley

    Indonesia continues to serve on the UN Human Rights Council. That’s all right then.

  • “Why Are More Indonesians Favoring Shariah?” Er, um, could it be because they are Muslims?

    • PaulW

      I wonder if it’s partially reflective of the general weakening of the West, and specifically, the ideological weakening: our culture is no longer confident in itself and we do not therefore, and as formerly, project our values (whatever they are now) in a way that has any civilizing effect on other cultures. Hence (again, I think it is just one factor among many) the swing world-wide to islam which, though it is backward and violent, etc. – is also an extremely confident ideology. Something we’re not anymore.

      • Yes, this is true. It often happens that the people with the short, simple answers are the ones that get the largest following. It really seems not to matter how absurd those answers are, In fact, absurdity is an apparent advantage in cases where the answers (read: opinions, doctrines) fill a great need for self-delusion. if these answers are given without reservation. It is only after suffering and tragedy ensue that those who have fallen for the simplicity will have a second (first in actuality) thought.

  • Dana Garcia

    Wait, what happened to the famously moderate Indonesian Islam??

    Oh well!

  • ismiselemeas

    Primarily because they are a largely backward, superstitious, tribal, inbred nation who can’t wrap their collective head around the fact that islam is the reason for virtually all their current woes.

  • Gary

    I remember when Imam Steve Rockwell was on the John Oakley show around early 2015 and freely boasted about supporting ISIS, Hamas , Boko Haram , Hezbollah and Al Shabaab.
    Rockwell is pro-sharia and wants to see the Global caliphate run by muslims and ruled by the quran and sharia. He’s not shy and has a TV show endorsed by the CRTC even when he promotes jihad in Canada to make it an islamic state.

    The problem in canada is that the Liberals think that just because the islamists don’t wear uniforms like the Nazi did…. that can’t be a threat because the CBC claims that islam is a religion pf peace.
    Antifa has more guts than the islamists for wearing their Uniform in public because islamists dress as civilians while their jihad is to civilians .

    • WalterBannon

      thumbs up, except for the antifa part at the end

      they have no guts, they are just mindless left wing thugs in their jackboots, their false courage is the courage of a mob

  • WalterBannon

    Indonesia would make a good target for a nuclear weapon testing ground

    would anyone really miss Indonesian once it was gone?

  • simus1

    The “better muslim” ploy never goes away. The unspoken thought:
    “Once I get my sharia approved knife and club, it will be my turn to spill the blood of my “apostate/ infidel” enemies and steal all their stuff”.

  • Clausewitz

    Because once the Jihadists are allowed into the neighbourhood, you only have two choices; Convert, or die.