Trudeau’s promise of a renewed relationship with Canada’s Indigenous seems to be all talk

The seemingly never-ending string of transgressions from a government that’s supposed to be resetting its relationship with First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples just got another addition.

  • How important can these guys possibly be as a voters block?

    • It’s virtue signalling.

      • I realise that but even so, their voting numbers cannot be so large as to make the effort.

        • Alain

          No, but that does help assure the votes of the majority of leftists/postmodernists, much the same as thrashing Israel and the Jews.

          • Clausewitz

            The do have an impact on Northern Ridings, it’s not so much how many, but where they skew the voting patterns.

          • Do they even care? Promise them pot and they’ll ask: “First Nations what now?”

      • Old Guy

        You’re right, Sarcasticat. It’s virtue signalling.

        When failures outnumber accomplishments, vitrue signalling is all that’s left.

    • Exile1981

      Less important than muslims. Natives have a low turnout and tend to vote issues independently while Muslims vote as a bloc and vote as a group.

    • Clausewitz

      Either way, the Liberals treat Indians the same way that Democrats treat blacks. Funniest thing is, is that the hated Indian Act was enacted by Canada’s first Liberal PM Alexander McKenzie. He also set up the infrastructure for the Residential school system. But much like the Dem’s in the states who blame Republicans for slavery and racism, the Liberals in Canada do the same thing to the Conservatives here when it comes to Indians.

      • I assumed as much.

        By now, with the beneficiaries of a porous border, they can’t be as important.

  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • Steve Redwine
    • Clausewitz

      The real Seal of the Dem’s would have the baby being vivisected at partial birth.

  • ontario john

    The CBC is excited that Imam Trudeau phone the president of Burma today, to express his outrage at the treatment of poor muslims in that country. Gee, Christians are tortured and murdered by his favorite religion, and he says nothing. But muslims who cause trouble in Burma are dealt with, and he is right on the phone.

    • Clausewitz

      Traitorous Bastard.

    • Alain

      I doubt he scared the president of Burma. For all we know either the president refused the call or simply hung up on the twit. That part would never be reported, rest assured.

  • Dave

    There is a reason his indian (native) name is Walking Eagle. He’s so full of shit, he’s to heavy to fly.

  • Gary

    He’s like Obama that spent 8 years pushing the victimhood label to divide people but Hillary went to far when she praised all the illegals as geniuses and the hardest working people on earth while the Americans were lazy and criminals.
    Then she told all the White Mothers that their sons were misogynist , homophobes ,racist , xenophobes and anti-muslims bigots.
    This from a women married to a rapist pedophile and they live in a 99% white neighbourhood with no Muslims or refugees.

    One politician in Ontario was talking about Redress for the italians in canada during WW2. Forget that people were either British Subjects or immigrants while the italians were link to there fascist leader back home that we were at war with thanks to Hitler.
    Did japan let Americans freely walk around in their Country in 1942-45??? Did Russia let Germans walk around their nation during WW after Hitler attack them .
    We now see how islam isat war with the would but nation let its follower in to walk around as civilians and do terrorism or spread sharia and get mosques in public schools.