Senator Lynn Beyak says First Nations should give up status cards

“Trade your status card for a Canadian citizenship, with a fair and negotiated payout to each Indigenous man, woman and child in Canada, to settle all the outstanding land claims and treaties, and move forward together just like the leaders already do in Ottawa,” she said in an open letter published Sept. 1 on her Senate website.

“None of us are leaving, so let’s stop the guilt and blame and find a way to live together and share,” she wrote. “All Canadians are then free to preserve their cultures in their own communities, on their own time, with their own dime.”

  • Why not?

    This blame game has gone on long enough. It’s time to enter the twenty-first century.

    • Watchman

      Never going to happen. The victimhood industry is way, way too lucrative to ever give this up.

      • Perhaps.

        But when the Chinese officially own this country, what choice will they have?

    • Clausewitz

      Make them choose; Traditional life with no modern conveniences, or at least join the 20th century.

  • mauser 98

    whew…is she in trouble

  • Alain

    She is correct. That such a thing as the Indian Act still exists in the 21st century, which is official apartheid, cannot be justified. What she proposes would be a step in the direction of abolishing it.

    • Clausewitz

      The Indian Act. Invented by Liberals, blamed on Conservatives.

      • Gary

        True. It was JFK that got the USA into Vietnam but the media and the Forest Gump movie blamed Nixon.
        The Liberals turned away the Boat load of Sikh’s about 100 years ago, they turned away the Boat load of jews in 1939 , they were behind the residential School abuse ….and it was Justin’s Father in the 1930’s that mocked people that warned about the threat from Hitler and his Nazi’s .
        The Democrats were the party of slavery and the KKK while Martin Luther King was a Republican and Christian which are the same people the Dems now hate .

        Canada now has Pierre’s idiots son that wants to jail people that warn about the threats from the islamists and pro-sharia taitors .
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        Thousands of peaceful muslims fled to canada from Sharia and islam where many made a Refugee claim FROM it.

        They don’t want to see that their hell-hole followed them and turn Canada into what the fled.
        About 15 years ago I heard a Toronto Politician say that we need to take down our War memorials and Statues because the immigrants and refugees in their Riding are tell him that they make them feel excluded from Canada history and not really Canadian.
        Now we have a new group of parasites among the illegals that want Fire Works banned and the CNE Air Show because they have PTSD form the wars they fled and the noise gives them flashbacks.

        Then go back to that swamp you should be in to fight for your children’s future so they can be raised on THEIR soil after you shed your blood as out troops did to make Canada great.
        I should not be forced to learn 50 languages , bow to mekkah 5 times a day , stop using fireworks and ban jets planes just because the gutless malcontent sloths want to feel at home or that any noise reminds them of war.

        Enough is enough.

        The biggest fraudsters are MUSLIMS . They pretend to care about the natives and try to compare them to palestinians being oppressed by the jews.
        Okay….. my background is native North American where we saw the White man arrive with a holy book , then they brought the Black man that now acts like a native , then the Brown man came in ……and now it’s the Olive/Brown man but theses people have a Holy Book that wants me DEAD as well as the 6,000,000,000 other people on earth that don’t bow to the wife-beating jew-hating alleged prophet that invented the cult in the 7th century .

        About 80% of Quebec was Native land and I doubt the White Catholics elites like Trudeau want to give it back and lose his Country estate and garage for his Million dollar classic Benz or to use Daddy’s money to buy the land .

        It is time to wipe the Slate clean for every group and then tell the BLM terrorists to F-off and go live in an African utopic black nation like Liberia .

    • laja kurc

      It will never happen especially under I.Q. 80, because that would be the end of the Department of Indian Affairs and all those parasites who work for it would lose their jobs. And what will those band leaders do when they can’t live off the misery of their own people. There’s too much vested interest involved for any changes to be made.

      • Alain

        Yes, I know. Far too many on that gravy train including all those professional Indians who will fight tooth and nail to keep that scam going.

  • ntt1

    very smart lady, and I suspect she will find massive support from Indians that have gone mainstream and are succeeding ,away from toxic rez politics. as the non white population of Canada grows old school native activists can expect growing hostility as their greed is questioned without the club of white guilt.. several sihk friends have come to Canada with nothing as my Dad did,and built lives homes and businesses. to them our acceptance of current native demands is ridiculous and their view of indians is contemptuous at best. That will only grow as the years pass. She is right lets solve it here now and finally for all time,.

  • Drunk by Noon ✓

    “None of us are leaving, so let’s stop the guilt and blame and find a way to live together and share”

    You know who else talked that way?
    Hitler! That’s who!

    • deplorabledave

      Funny thing is that germans think Indians are the cats meow.

      • Alain

        Like a lot of foreigners they bought the Hollywood version. Little do they know….

      • Drunk by Noon ✓

        I noticed that too, and it’s weird.
        Likely they get a lot of undeserved favorable publicity, and the Germans believed the entire nobel savage lie because they have never been around any real ones.

    • Alain

      I admit that I just cannot keep count of all the Hitlers, so I’ll take your word for it.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Sounds reasonable to me.

  • ontario john

    She is obviously a Nazi, and was under the influence of Harper.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Harper can’t keep getting away with that!
      He needs to be stopped!

  • LairdKintyre

    Living on Reservations on government handouts has caused the FirstNations people nothing but generations of poverty, drug and alcohol addiction and crime and despair. If the government would have the guts to break up the Reservation system and have FirstNations treated just like everyone else all these problems would largely vanish within a couple generations.

  • Dwayne1011

    I have been saying that for years.

  • DMB

    Native reservations operate under essentially a communist system. They manage themselves entirely as collective system.

  • SDMatt

    Who is this woman and why does she have more balls than any male politician?

    • k2

      There are several very good and gutsy female PC senators; they’re actually much better than their colleagues in the House of Commons (though that’s not saying much, I suppose).

  • Solo712

    Thia is naive in the extreme. Beyak is old enough to remember the grand federal scheme (led by Joe Clark) to extinguish once and for all native land claims against Canada. Despite hundreds of millions spent nothing has changed. Now the AADNC admits that as of 2013 Canada has spent 1 billion (!) just paying the native lawyers to negotiate with the Feds for their land and treaty rights ! ( How do you spell ‘crazy’?

    • mauser 98

      Johnny Cruton wanted to abolish native reserves in 1971

      • Alain

        Yup, called it the White Paper and all hell broke loose from the professional Indians aided and abetted by the MSM.

        • mauser 98

          ‘professional Indians’
          i like that
          got a whole bunch near me

  • Lightstream

    Watch the shit hit the fan over this one.

  • shasta

    Sounds like she would be a better leader of the conservative party than what we have.