And now for the full story on the Jagmeet Singh heckler incident

It’s the story that’s been read around North America and even shared by the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. It’s serving as a teachable moment for how public figures should deal with brazen racists. And one Canadian politician is being hailed a hero.

The only problem is, the story, as it’s been told, is a total mess and only half the truth.

A few days ago a video emerged of federal NDP leadership candidate Jagmeet Singh responding to a heckler at one of his campaign events in Brampton, Ontario.

The MSM lied? I don’t believe it!

  • j

    There’s no link.

  • Spatchcocked

    Jagmeet for PM!!!!!

    His hair once the wrapper is removed is way cooler than Juthtins….it’s the NDP secret weapon!!!

  • ed


    • This guy supports BDS etc.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      Problem is Sikh’s and Muslims across the country have made alliances
      to push their own candidates into power and Canadian born people out.

      It’s especially bad in Alberta.

    • P_F

      That may have been the case in the past, in modern times they are working hand in hand with muslims. The sikh terrorists got training, material & moral support from pakistani intelligence service (ISI) and various other muslim terrorist organisations. All the 11 sikh MPs in Canadian parliament voted in favor of motion M-103.
      In sikh’s mindset the common enemy are whites & their culture, to counter & defeat white race they’ve join hands with the devil.

  • Waffle

    Sorry,but the headline is a tease. The article does NOT tell the full story about the heckle. Check it out for yourself — Google “Jennifer Bush” — and watch the various news reports from both sides of the border. Lots of misinformation out there and the spinning wheel is working overtime. But one thing is for certain: all 3 parties are kissing ass to lure in the (sizable) Muslim vote.

    • All three parties are equally at war with us.

    • andycanuck

      Yes. This is what I found yesterday and posted on another comment thread:

      And for those who thought the lady might have been a plant as I did before looking into it, here’s Rise Canada’s response to her activities:

      So she’s legit.

      • Waffle

        Notice how those weasels at CTV said Rise threw Jennifer ‘under the bus’?

      • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

        She might as well be, Jennifer Bush is the type you see on the Springer show,

        Too many misfits in that Rise group for them to be taken seriously,

  • Gary

    The CBC site only used about a 2 minute portion of the women’s rant so it would fit with the narrative .
    Singh supports hamas by-proxy where Libby Davies and Svend Robinson were very bold to admit to their jew-hatred and supports for killing all the jews on earth.
    I remember how upset I was when Svend was in a News video arguing with the IDF at the Check-point to enter gaza and show support for the homophobic jew-hating muslims .
    The IDF refused let him enter for his own safety and I didn’t get to see him gang raped and chop up in pieces and fed to he dogs by his pro-sharia buddies.

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  • DaninVan

    “Don’t Touch me. Don’t you touch me!”
    Not with a 10 ft. pole, sweetheart.

  • simus1

    Anyone who thinks any serious politician gets any traction in Quebec without the local oligarchs and elites “help” is highly delusional.
    I believe that Jagmeet will do a great VWing job, just like all the other federal NDP semi moderate semi extreme leftist lawyer leaders who have preceded him.

  • Singh needs to be confronted again and asked the same thing. And if he comes back with that f@ggy “love and courage” nonsense, tell him that one can get a guru to see through his pro-Islamist nonsense and advise his congregation to vote accordingly.

  • LairdKintyre

    His Sikh ancestors would be disgusted at how he is bowing to Islam. Shame on you Jagheet. When I first heard this story the way you told it, I thought the heckler was just some dumbass who couldnt tell a Muslim from a Sikh. And of course that was your angle. Not one mention of M105 or the niqab ban. Canadians are waking up Jagheet. Its time you came on board with Western Values or get out of politics

  • LairdKintyre

    You are a filthy liar Jagheet. No different than an Antifa militant who wont stop chanting to hear another point of view. You claim our society is racist then use your ethnicity to push a false narritive and claim that poor woman you wouldnt let speak is a bigot. All she wanted was answers on why you support bills that are allowing the wedge of Sharia into our societu. You turn it around. You wont stop your mindless chants about love and inclusiveness just to drown her out. Go to Hell Jaheet. You dont support Western Values

  • SuperCanuck

    gotta love those astroturf youtube comments.

    “He handled it very well” said the 4+ generic accounts with no thumbnails.