The Muslim hypocrisy over Rohingya

The Islamic groups protesting Myanmar’s Rohingya killings are shamefully silent over the persecution of minorities in their own countries.

“…The track record of Muslim-majority countries over their treatment of religious and sectarian minorities is abysmal. On Sunday, September 10, three Hazara Shiites were killed in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Quetta. The minority group has been systematically targeted by Islamists for many years, and the government has never paid heed to their plight.

The discrimination against Hindus, Christians and Ahmadis on the state level has persisted for decades. The Islamic country’s blasphemy laws have forced religious minorities to live under constant fear for their lives. The Christian neighborhoods have been torched by the majority Muslims, and members of the Hindu community could be lynched for “insulting” Islam or its prophet, Muhammad.”

Myanmar is protecting it’s citizens by quelling a Muslim settler uprising and removing the insurgency’s support base. Their actions are prudent and prescient. Europe will be forced to undertake similar action in the future or be consumed.