The Destruction of “The Individual”

…Some have said that the affinity between the Left and Islam has to do with the historic crimes of the West and the Judeo-Christian culture. In doing so, they willingly ignore the murder and terror that accompanied the Islamic conquest of Arabia, The Levant, North Africa, large swaths of Western Asia and even parts of Europe in the heyday of the Caliphate. Although there may be some element of truth to the accusations of Western crimes, it does not compare in scale, ferocity or longevity to the crimes of Islam. In any case, the affinity is deeper and more central to the Left and Islam than that.

It is about human nature, and the urge to change and control it. Islam, you see, is about surrendering the individual will to Allah, and although Progressivism purports to be about compassion and “humanity”,it shares with Islam a kind of surrender of the individual. The Left and Islam are united in their animus toward individualism, family loyalty, nationhood, liberty and and an open and questioning religious faith. At the very bottom of the issue, Islamic Jihad and the progressive Left have this in common: as Dostoevsky put it in The Brothers Karamazov, “…the more I hate men individually the more I love humanity.”…
  • Sharkibark

    I don’t see a lot of brown or black faces in that group, just saying. 😛 I don’t even see anyone with a f***king TAN.

    • Arab Muslims hate Blacks and the left keeps them as pets.

    • The black lives are busy mattering elsewhere. Make no mistake they are allied with these creeps. What is unusual about this pic is that they have taken down their masks – putting themselves at risk of being identified buy their parents and losing car privileges for the weekend. Stuck in mom’s basement again!

  • Alain

    Progressivism (understand communism) is collectivism which really is the same as Islam. Under both there are no individual rights or even identity since you must be identified by the collective to which you belong. I cannot repeat enough that when one cuts to the chase about the war taking place, it boils down to pro-freedom people against anti-freedom people regardless of the label. Those who are pro-freedom are under attack, vicious attack, from all corners: governments, politicians, globalists, the total Left and Islam.

  • Brett_McS

    The Urban Dictionary definition of (Tim) Blair’s Law uses this as the first example of it:

    1. The alliance between the radical Left and extremist Islamists is an example of Blair’s Law.

  • Ed

    They look big and imposing in that group. But the ballot box is bigger.