Rotherham child sex grooming gang victim was denied compensation because officials said she ‘consented’ – even though she was 14 at the time

A survivor of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham has described her shock at being turned down for full compensation for what she suffered because authorities deemed she had consented to the abuse.

Sammy Woodhouse, who waived her entitlement to lifelong anonymity so she can campaign against sexual exploitation, said the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)’s letter concluded: ‘I am not satisfied that you were a victim of sexual activity to which you did not in fact consent.’

This conclusion was reached despite Ms Woodhouse’s abuser being convicted and sentenced to a substantial prison sentence.

She was just 14 when she fell under the spell of 24-year-old abuser Arshid Hussain and suffered years of appalling treatment.

She became pregnant by him and had an abortion, and later gave birth to his son at 15 despite being under the protection of social services.

Miss Woodhouse, who now campaigns for abuse victims after waiving her right to anonymity, was told in a letter from CICA she would receive £11,000 for a single rape but nothing for the other sexual abuse.

Her claim for five years of ‘intimidation, threats and harassment’ was rejected outright due to ‘insufficient evidence’. The letter reveals the apparent continuing refusal by officials to treat people such as Miss Woodhouse as genuine and deserving victims.