Report: Google Bias Against Leading Conservative Websites-Is Real

A new research paper from Leo Goldstein claims to have quantified Google’s bias against leading conservative sites—including PJ Media—in search ranking, especially (but not exclusively) in the area of climate change.

“Google Search is found to be biased in favor of left/liberal domains and against conservative domains with a confidence of 95%,” Goldstein found. “Further, certain hard-Left domains have such a high [percentage of domain traffic, referred by Google Search, net of brand searches] that their standing raises suspicions that they have been hand-picked for prominent placement,” he says, adding that “certain respected conservative domains are blacklisted.”

  • Mr. Meow

    The way it’s going, in a few years the internet will be entirely composed of cat videos. Everything that falls outside the progressive left narrative will be gone, or buried so deep you’ll need a backhoe to get to it.

  • The Butterfly

    With a motto like, “Don’t be evil,” it couldn’t have happened any other way.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Let the lawsuits begin.