Meet the Somalian mother & son who have chosen to live on a bench for three years

A day in the life of a homeless by choice Somali Mother and son, who have lived on a bench outside Tooting Library, London, since 2014.

A Somalian mother and son have been living on a high street bench for three years after turning down two-bedroom flats in London.

Wandsworth Council has desperately tried to rehouse them and offered them two refurbished properties in Tooting, south west London, which typically cost £1,500 a month.

But the pair chose to remain on the bench despite last-ditch pleas from their family and members of the local Somalian community.

The mother and son have been surviving thanks to the generosity of locals who give them food and water outside Tooting Library.

It is so worth it to have open borders.

  • Blacksmith

    Ship them back to Somalia if they don’t want to be part of society.

    • tom_billesley

      Donate the bench to Mogadishu.

      • Dana Garcia

        Include the bench when the pests are deported — home, sweet home!

    • One day a statue will be erected to them on that very spot.

      • Blacksmith

        You are probably right but I think a port-a-potty would be more appropriate.

        • tom_billesley

          Very Marcel Duchamp.

    • Editor

      Yes. Exemplary “community cohesion” right there. They really want to integrate and contribute to British society.

      • Blacksmith

        I am sure they have been donating to society, crapping in the gutter etc. I doubt you would be able to get close enough to them to hand them the water without your eyes tearing up from the unwashed ass odour.

        • Editor

          Hygenic diversity is our strength!

          • Blacksmith

            Well, I am sure the diversity of the funk is quite strong.

        • Watchman

          Outdoor urination and defecation is part of many cultures traditions. By forcing people to use a bathroom, aren’t you imposing your white patriarchal culture on an equally (if not more) valid and authentic culture?


          BTW: One of the great policy goals for India’s government is to eventually ensure that every house has safe and hygienic toilets. In much of the world, the toilet is the bare gound at the back of a house.

    • canminuteman

      I would ship them back even if they do.

  • The Butterfly

    Asians loitering inside the library, Somalis loitering outside the library. We’re all the same yo.

  • Liberal Progressive

    It’s racist for the government not to buy them a brand new three-bedroom house!

    • tom_billesley

      They’re probably reluctant to give up their lucrative pitch – they’ll be making enough money to pay people smugglers to bring the rest of their family.

  • Felicia Scott

    Why haven’t these filthy beggars been sent back to Somalia? Everyday the stupidity of the Brits gets more and more nauseating.

    • John Boy

      Let’s hope for a very cold, long and snowy winter.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Arrest them for vagrancy and deport. What you tolerate you encourage more of.

  • ontario john

    Muslims are superior to the infidels, and need not work. It is up to the white colonial Nazis to provide for their every need. Even in Pakistan Christians do not know their place. Breitbart reports that a Christian teenager was beaten to death by fellow classmates, for having the nerve to drink out of the same cooler as pure muslims. The teacher read a newspaper while justice was handed out.

  • ontario john

    Maybe they are saving up for airfare to Canada.

  • There are plenty of benches in Somalia, I’m sure.

    • Editor

      Yes, but way less patologically altruistic “good samaritans”.

  • Brother Antony

    They have a safe, illegally let pad somewhere (probably a big comfortable, all facilities connected garden shed in one of their fellow tribal’s gardens) funded by the same benefits that provide them with the means to eat, drink and charge their phones whilst camping on the bench.

    This scam is just a begging pitch presented in a way that prevents the police from moving them on. You can bank on it.

    Furthermore, if that male, low IQ sub-Saharan African proto-human is only 20 years old I would be somewhat surprised.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      If they tried that in Winterpeg; It wouldn`t last long.

  • DMB

    They are clearly professional panhandlers making a lucrative living by pretending to be homeless. They are scammers!