“M8 yer dog’s Nazi” Pug On Trial

Nazi Pug – Brainwashed or just bad to the bone?

A man who taught his girlfriend’s pug to make Nazi salutes when he said “Gas the Jews” and “Heil Hitler” appeared in court on Monday charged with a hate crime.

Mark Meechan, 29, of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, was arrested after he uploaded footage of the dog, called Buddha, performing the Hitler salute on YouTube. In the footage called ‘M8 yer dugs a Nazi’ Buddha is also filmed intently watching Adolf Hitler address a Nazi rally in the film ‘Olympia,’ which documents the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936.

  • Brett McS

    This is …. the Twilight Zone.

  • Ho Hum
  • Dana Garcia

    Who knew pugs could be trained to do anything other than drag their butts around?

  • lgeubank

    Sieg howl! I don’t think pugs can be taught to hate.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Does the pug go to jail too?

  • Red-Pilled Conservative

    Okay. I seriously LOLed at this.

  • Krista Kay

    Islamic hate is rampant and they waste police and court time on this fool! So very sad.

  • Dave

    English judiciary, almost as competent as the Ontario Judicial Council.
    “nuff said.