Germany Redefines Most Anti-Semitism Out of Existence

A debate rages among American Jews as to whether right-wing or left-wing anti-Semitism poses the greater danger. Germany has come up with a novel solution to this dilemma that will undoubtedly delight denialists of the left-wing version: Simply redefine Jew-hatred as a “politically motivated right-wing extremist crime,” and by definition, you’ve eliminated all other kinds of anti-Semitism.

Last week, the German Interior Ministry released a report on anti-Semitism which stated that during the first eight months of this year, a whopping 92 percent of anti-Semitic incidents were committed by right-wing extremists. That sounded suspicious for two reasons, which I’ll get to later, but since I don’t speak German, I couldn’t scrutinize the report for myself. Fortunately, the German daily Die Welt found the results equally suspicious, and this week, Benjamin Weinthal of the Jerusalem Post reported on some of the problems it flagged.

  • I guess “never again” no longer means anything in Germany.

    • laja kurc

      Germans just can’t help being Germans.

    • Drunk by Noon ✓

      Whom does it mean anything to anymore?
      It might have meant something to the holocaust survivors, but they are dying off fast.
      Everyone else will use “never again” for whatever immediate rhetorical need they might have.
      In most cases it merely means ‘never again unless it’s our hands on the gas lever, then that doesn’t count.’
      In the leftist’s revolutionary utopia, it must first be made free of non-Jewish whites, and absent of Christianity.
      Straight white Christian males can just be shot on sight, in their mind.

      • “Never again” is, sadly, applying to more and more people. It means nothing because we’ve thrown out basic morality.

      • canminuteman

        The Holocaust wasn’t the first genocide, and it likely won’t be the last. Just one of a long human history of political mass murders.

    • Hard Little Machine

      It never did. All they did since WW2 is outsource the Holocaust first to the communists and now to the Muslims.

      • It meant something to the eleven million who died.

        It was a gradual process to ignore it.

        • Hard Little Machine

          No. Europe was never remorseful. They were embarrassed. They got caught. The Anglo-American committee on Jewish and DP affairs after WW2 seriously considered locking all the Jewish DP in camps for life after the war. The period from 1945 to today is a blip in their program to exterminate the Jews. It’s an outlier.

  • deplorabledave
  • laja kurc

    She reminds me of one of Adolf’s half sisters. She was also called Angela and just as ugly as this Angela. Eva Braun was much better looking. But I would guess that all three had the same mindset.

  • Clausewitz

    German’s don’t have to be anti Semites any longer, they have their “immigrants” to do their dirty work.