Fourth and Long for the NFL

A new season begins, and fans are wondering about more than just What Happened last Sunday.

Television ratings declined, last season, for the National Football League’s games. This came as a shock to the Lords of the NFL. Ratings are not supposed to decline. The NFL’s ratings never decline. This is a law of nature. The popularity of football is always on the increase even as its presence spreads, with games now being played in London and Mexico City, with other venues under consideration. Football is expanding and inevitable.

So how, then, to account the falloff in the ratings?

And you have to see this to believe it- Trainwreck: ESPN’s Attempt at Diversity on Monday Night Football Goes Horribly Wrong

  • Thinking From First Principles

    I heard all I needed from the reports on the opening day game. If players want to insult us – those who understand and support what America is about – then I won’t watch for the whole season. I looked for the NRL e-mail contact to politely let them know, but they don’t have one listed.

    • Thinking From First Principles

      Sorry for the typo. NFL, not NRL.

  • mauser 98

    NFL Pres & management complicit and guilty… to blame for allowing this
    …2016 Super Bowl a racist insult

  • mauser 98

    NFL Pres & management complicit and guilty… to blame for allowing this
    …2016 Super Bowl

    • Martin B

      It’s easy for me to say, because I’ve never been a football fan, but the NFL is the enemy. If you’re going to give them your money for shit like this, you might as well cut out the middle man and hand your wallet to George Soros.

  • john davis

    People watch sports to get away from politics and othet news. Its an escape. When ESPN and other broadcasts insist on throwing “diversity” down our throats, it turns people away.

    Who cares that the reporter is Spanish? Can he do the job? Turns out, no, he can’t.

    What I’ve never understood about identity politics is pointing out people’s differences. If its not supposed to be unusual for a woman to do play-by-play, a spanish sideline reporter, black coach, gay player etc., then quit making a big deal when it happens. But the ESPNs of the world always need to point these things out.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The comments section on this article expresses it all for me.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …I guess the spectacle of whiny millionaire athletes, who can’t even spell, running around in tight pants, fighting over a watermelon-like object has run it’s day…American Football…Run, Run, Pass, Kick….Run, Run, Pass, Kick….Run, Run, Pass, Kick…