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Illegal Mediterranean Immigration: Is Europe Finally Beginning to Protect Itself?

The European Union is increasing its efforts to keep refugees and migrants from Africa away — and it appears they are ready for increasingly drastic measures. This is what internal papers and answers to parliamentary inquiries that Spiegel has obtained prove.

The core of the plan is to stop migrants long before they venture from Libya and other Northern African countries onto the Mediterranean. It is already known that the EU intends to achieve this with development aid, the military buildup of African military and police units, and a stronger surveillance of the Mediterranean. The new documents show just how far the Europeans are willing to go.

College Students Say Remembering 9/11 Is Offensive to Muslims

The everything-is-offensive brand of campus activism has struck a new low: Students at the University of Minnesota killed a proposed moment of silence for 9/11 victims due to concerns—insulting, childish concerns—that Muslim students would be offended.

Has it truly come to this? Is feelings-protection now such an overriding goal that completely unreasonable fears win out, even if they have no basis in reality? Can we not even have a single moment to recognize legitimate victims of terrorism without worrying that someone will feel marginalized on campus?

Free tuition for 185,000 post-secondary students in Ontario: minister

Ontario’s minister responsible for post-secondary education says 185,000 students have received free tuition this year under a new government program.

Advanced Education Minister Deb Matthews announced the figures Monday, which equal more than a third of all full-time college and university students in Ontario.

First announced in last year’s budget, the new Ontario Student Assistance Program that gives a combination of grants and loans took effect for this school year.

A Halal Barbie?

Using this doll, a young girl is able to familiarize herself with the process of veiling, which will be upon her all too soon. Also with marriage and divorce according to the Shariah, which will also be coming to her soon. As a bonus, she can learn to curse the Jews and the Christians.

Amsterdam to increase tourist tax to reclaim city for residents

“We need more people who actually spend money in the city,” Kock told the Dutch newspaper Het Parool. “We would prefer people who stay a couple of nights, visit museums, have lavish meals at restaurants, to people who pop over for a weekend eating falafel while sauntering around the red-light district.”

Maybe if you didn’t have so many Arabs and whorehouses? Just a thought.

  • canminuteman

    The easy way to stop “immigration” across the Med is to just start sinking boats. Not that complicated.

    • tom_billesley

      Make the Libyan coastline a cordon sanitaire.
      Destroy the boats before they set sail.

  • ontario john

    How dare ungrateful Canadians complain about feminist Trudeau’s lack of concern about stranded citizens. Sure, every other nation was quickly removing their people and even pets from the hurricane zone. But don’t forget, Justin had that important meeting with a Hollywood actress about women’s equity issues. Did you expect him to give up an important photo op like that?? And his big jet could not be used. That has to fly him all over the country every day. Its a good thing we have the CBC to protect him. They had that Republican swamp creature David Frum on the National last night, explaining how Trump is totally insane and only the elites can save America. And we should always obey the elites in Canada, because they know what is best for the ignorant masses. Obey the elites, obey Trudeau, OBEY!!

  • Brett McS

    Have a gander at this video of Brendan O’Neill putting it to millennials.

  • tom_billesley

    Remembering 9/11 Is Offensive to Muslims
    Only muslims are allowed to remember it. Stopping them from building a victory mosque at ground zero was hateful. We’re allowed some candles, flowers and teddy bears immediately after the event, but no anniversaries.

    • PaulW

      It happened, so it is fact, and our society is not going to (I pray) sweep facts and history under the rug to ease people’s feelings. Additionally, one can make a good case that it happened because of the vile ideology of islam itself, to which these precious little flowers subscribe.

    • Dana Garcia

      Offending muslims is a virtuous act, one of the best things a person can do.

  • tom_billesley

    A Halal Barbie?
    Kafir Barbie would be part of a set that includes a gang of bearded rapists.

    • Observer

      Does Halal Barbie come with a scimitar to behead disbeliever dolls?

    • jayme

      Barbie needs a detachable head as well, just in case she gets out of line and needs an introduction to the islamic concept of “honor”.

    • andycanuck

      Don’t be such a critic, Tom.

      Halal Barbie is already anatomically correct so it’s a step forward for feminism!

  • ontario john

    The Wynne government is going to war against evil Christian universities. Yes, its the only provincial government that is getting involved with the battle against Trinity Western University in BC. Wynne has issued a statement that Christian institutions discriminating against homosexuals, is like discriminating against Jews.

  • TJ

    Any day now or already has happened: College Students Say Remembering World War 2 Is Offensive to Germans and Japanese.

    • jayme

      So that’s why Antifa is demanding statues of General Lee and the like be taken down – now I understand: they’re concerned about hurting the feelings of (white) people in the South! Wow, that’s really sensitive of them.

      • TJ

        It is about erasing history no matter what is removed.

  • Blacksmith

    “Maybe if you didn’t have so many Arabs and whorehouses? Just a thought.”
    Never going to happen, there is too much money in the red light district no matter what they say, and they are dhimmi’s so the muzz problem is the new normal.

  • PaulW

    “Free” tuition? That’s awesome! I guess that they must have found a pot of gold buried near the provincial legislature or something ….

    • ontario john


      • Yo Mama

        Not everything but you’ll get even more if ya ain’t white!

        • A Hamilton Guy

          It must be getting close to election time, and the lieberals are covering all bases.