Pope hopes Trump will reconsider ‘Dreamers’ order

ON BOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (AFP) – Pope Francis said Monday he hopes US President Donald Trump will “reconsider” his decision to end an amnesty for hundreds of thousands of people brought illegally to the country as children.

“Removing young people from their families is not going to have a positive effect on either the youngsters or their families,” the pontiff said during a press conference on the return leg of a five-day Colombia trip.

Francis said he knew of Trump’s decision last week to abrogate an order issued by his predecessor Barack Obama that protected around 800,000 young people by granting them temporary legal status.

  • tom_billesley

    “Young people”. Less than 40 years old perhaps.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I know. Not removing young people from their families.
      Young people and their families.
      His English comprehension is un-existent.

  • SMC_BC

    Thank you for your opinion, Holy Father. Now get back to work and answer the dubias. We have been patiently waiting for a very long time.

  • Hard Little Machine

    UP to age THIRTY SEVEN. 37. Stop with the helpless suckling children ripped from their mothers’ breasts act. PLEASE.

    • andycanuck

      I read in passing somewhere that their average age is 26. Well, they didn’t show up 18 years ago.

  • andycanuck

    He deserves another black eye!

  • Dwayne1011

    Ask the Pope for some funds to fly them all to Vatican City then. Give them citizenship there, and find them employment. That would be the “Christian” thing to do, right? And he could take all the parents too.

  • Jay Harper

    New Headline: Trump hopes Pope will reconsider his support for Pedophiles.

  • Dana Garcia

    What we do in the United States is none of the pope’s business. If he really wants to meddle, how about he gooses his hispanic catholic nations to improve their economies so the residents don’t have to mooch off Americans. We are sick of it.

  • BillyHW

    Flaming homosexual.