New Poll: Atheists in Britain, Canada Are Losing Faith in Evolution

A new survey about evolution in Britain and Canada revealed that while most people accept evolutionary theory in those countries, atheists and non-religious people harbor grave doubts about evolution’s ability to explain humanity.

  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • DMB
  • Tom Forsythe

    Even when I was skeptical of God’s existence, I never bought evolution.

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  • WalterBannon

    too many people feel the need for simplistic answers to complex processes they do not understand and turn to magical explanations dreamed up by other equally ignorant people who have no more insight into the facts than they do

    believing in some magical god makes no sense and is no different from taking the word of some modern day flim flam man

    Why should we take the word or accept the anecdotal claims made by some unknown and ignorant primitive person from a few thousand years ago who would not even be able to explain a simple things that we know as scientific facts today like, for example fire is?

    As for evolution, there is plenty of repeatable evidence in nature that supports this theory, versus zero evidence for the existence of any gods. You may reject parts of the evolutionary theory of man, and challenge it in many specific details, but in its broader strokes it is the best fit explanation. Should you have faith that it is right?
    No, science is science only when you are skeptical and always ask questions and demand evidence. You can sort of compare evolution as a theory with Newtonian physics which got its observations and theories right on a macro scale but was still an incomplete understanding of things on a subatomic level. There is much more understanding to come in the field of evolution, but for now it has the best answers.

    Evolution, unlike climate science, the piltdown man, Lysenkoism and hordes of other junk scientific scams, is an earnest explanation with a sound basis in proper scientific process.

    • Millie_Woods

      If there was actual evidence, most people would accept evolution. I know I would. Ditto AGW.

      • WalterBannon

        I suggest then that you start reading, because the evidence is there

      • Clink9

        I don’t get why there are still monkeys on earth.

        • Millie_Woods

          Yeah, you’d think if they evolved once, they’d keep on doing it. There should be some really smart monkeys mixed in with the… ummm….dumb ones. Whoa, where’s this conversation going.

        • gareth

          That is because you don’t understand evolution.

          • Alain

            So explain it.

        • Martin B

          Why shouldn’t there be? Today’s spider monkeys, baboons, orangutans, gorillas, chimps and so on are not the same as their primitive primate ancestors from 60 million years ago. They’re bigger, faster, more agile, more intelligent. They haven’t stood still. Their ancestors aren’t around anymore. Australopithecus, Homo habilis and Homo erectus aren’t around anymore either, but we’re here, and modern monkeys & apes are here with us.

          • Clink9

            It was a joke that went terribly wrong here.

    • LauraS

      I think evolution can explain a lot about how species change over time, but I don’t believe evolution has offered an explanation of how life started. How did single cell organisms “evolve” into complex–and in the case of humans–self-aware creatures? It’s my understanding that science (evolution) has yet to produce any definitive answers re: the origins of life.

      That we were created by God fits the facts better than any other theory, IMHO.

      This Christian would also argue that the vast majority of us do not seek “magical explanations” or simplistic answers. But that may be a topic for another thread and another day. Having said that, it is interesting to see alternate points of view. Thanks, Walter. 🙂

    • Alain

      It all depends on what one means when stating evolution. That a species evolves and changes due to climate and other factors no many doubt that. However the claim that species evolve into totally different species is another matter. If the second version were true, then why did it stop?

      • rich

        it hasn’t.

        • Alain

          Surely you are not claiming that the version of evolution of species turning into totally different species is happening. If however you mean that species are still adapting to environmental changes, etc., then of course it is.

  • Millie_Woods

    Evolution only became widely accepted because it rejected the Christian teaching of the origin of life, at a time when Christianity was loosing its position in western society. It was always just a theory, there’s never been a shred of evidence supporting it. We’re as unsure today of where we came from and what our purpose is (if any) as we always have been. Personally I’m clinging to my guns and bible, and I’m not even bitter.

    • WalterBannon

      1. there is plenty of evidence in support of evolution available for anyone who is open to objective viewing of facts that may contradict their beliefs.

      2. who says we need to have a purpose, that is ego speaking, not science

      3. evolution became accepted because, like other scientific theories, it fit the evidence.. what cultural Marxists have used it for is nothing to do with it, any more than how they have also warped the field of climatology to serve their agenda

      • Millie_Woods

        Bitterly clinging to your fake science Walter? I believe in relativity, gravity and the wave and particle theories of light because they’re provable, predictable and observable. Unlike evolution and AGW which always require you ‘believe’ something right from the gitgo, pretty much on a par with alchemy.

        • gareth

          Approximately how old do you think earth is, Millie? Thousands? Billions? Just curious, thanks.

          • Millie_Woods

            What I ‘think’ doesn’t matter. But evidence is pointing to billions. Why do you ask?

          • gareth

            Indeed it seems old. How long do you think humans have been around? I ask because I want to sort out your position a bit. The evidence for evolution is so overwhelming it is pointless to argue in comment sections. I will say this though, Occam’s razor suggests that life, like the tectonic plates, climate, etc, changes over time. Seems obvious to me. Cheers.

          • Millie_Woods

            I’m sorry but it’s not overwhelming. If it was, everyone except the most obtuse would believe it. And you’re right it’s pointless to argue about it, just like I quit arguing with ‘believers’ about global warming.

          • gareth

            Not true. Majorities, including intelligent people, believe all sorts of nonsense. Surely that is self-evident.

          • Alain

            What evidence?

        • gareth
      • Alain

        I assume you are referring to certain fossils, that surely you know have been proved to be hoaxes or fake.

  • bargogx1

    The explanation is simple – God created evolution.

  • occupant 9

    Reminds of a joke:

    A debate over who can create a better person, God or man. God takes a lump of dirt, forms a man and breathes life in him and says to man, “Your turn.”

    When man says, “Ok, can I have some dirt?” God says, “Make your own dirt.”

    The Torah is more than fantastic, full of science fiction and historical markers, with a clear narrative, warts and all. Then it gets “magically pagan” when Christianity usurps it and completely savage with Muhammad’s “one” god that demands the indulgence in violence and brutality God of the Torah abhors completely.

  • Evolution theory cannot explain all the facts at hand, but it does explain more of them than other theories, and that’s all it needs to do to be the scientific theory of the day.

    There’s no escape from various observed facts – that the material world is at least 13.8 billion years old (since the Big Bang) and not about 6’000 years old; that planet earth is about 4.5 billion years old and not about 6’000 years old; that mono-cellular life appeared on it about half a billion years later and lasted some 2 billion years, until multi-cellular life emerged (as the fossil record in rocks testifies); that earth atmosphere, geology, etc. has undergone enormous changes over time (movement of continents, etc.); that the earliest traces of human existence are well over 6’000 years old (cave paintings, etc.); that humanity was spread over planet Earth long before 6’000 years ago; that there was no world Flood less than 6’000 years ago; and so on and so forth – the list is endless.

    Evolution theory is just an attempt to include all these observed, empirical facts in one all-encompassing theory. It is not perfect, but it is the best achieved so far by science. There is no basis for certain Biblical claims that contradict the above mentioned facts. These claims must be understood allegorically or mystically, not literally. The important point in the Bible is that God created the universe. This must be taken to mean that He created it as it visibly is, i.e. including Evolution or something closely resembling it. One can have great faith in the God-Creator idea without having to swallow unscientific or anti-scientific claims.

    One can also loudly proclaim that the science is far from all-encompassing as its Materialist proponents claim. Evolution theory does not explain life or consciousness at all. All it does is trace the probable process through which living and conscious beings have historically passed. It is sophisticated natural history, nothing more. It is about matter only, not spirit. It does not explain how life and consciousness appeared in the midst of matter. To accept Evolution theory as probable truth is not to deny God or the mystery of life and consciousness. This is not God-of-the-gaps; this is logically obvious.