Immigration and the Unlearned Lessons of 9/11

It is hard to believe that it has been 16 years since four passenger airliners were used as de facto cruise missiles to carry out the most horrific terror attack in the history of the United States.

That attack was against the entire United States of America, however, for those who were in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on that day, the attack was also personal — all too personal.

  • simus1

    Were the big shots whose blind negligence and PC traitorous conduct made the 9-11 attack such a total success ever jailed or even dismissed?
    Was the cretin who said don’t kill bin laden when he was available?
    Rhetorical questions.

  • Mirticiaa

    And most Canadians too
    We were all effected and most can recall exactly what we were doing that morningwhere we were with eyes glued to tv screens

    • Yeah. I never forget that day. I thought it might change the world for the better, but in fact the Muslims are winning their war on the West, because the West is led by wimps.

  • To my mind, the most significant news of yesterday 9/11 was that neither Trump nor any of his cabinet used the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”, or any phrase with “Islam” in it, to describe the Muslim attack of the USA in 2001.

    Previously, in his speeches, even in front of the assembled dignitaries of Islam in Arabia, Trump used that phrase with particular in-your-face relish. Now, evidently, he no longer dares to use it, and the word in his government is evidently “don’t use it.”

    This confirms indubitably that the Deplorables, i.e. Bannon et al. and the ordinary grass-roots Americans behind them, are not only purged out of Trump’s administration but their philosophy is no longer influential. Trump has gone entirely over to the Swamp, Deep State side. Obviously he wants to fit in and be loved.

    This reminds of the movie Viva Zapata! (I think it was by Elia Kazan and starred Marlon Brando) where Zapata, after having successfully taken over Mexico, and settled into his role as president, suddenly realizes in disgust that he is no different from his predecessor!