Chumming the waters of failed Liberal ethics

There’s the smell of blood in the Liberal waters.

One can only hope the media sharks go on the same feeding and tweet frenzy with the Wynne Liberals when all the courtroom doors finally swing open this week as they did with the Harperites when the ol’ Duff was tossed overboard like chum bait.

If any government in recent memory needs to be filleted and fried, it’s the Dalton McGuinty-Kathleen Wynne Liberals.

  • CodexCoder

    I remember about 3 days after the first election of the Pirate McSquinty. He was asked by a coalition of LGBTQ+ whiners if the government would be funding surgery for transgender defectives and his answer was a simple “Yes”. I knew, at that moment, the province of Ontario was in trouble. Do transgender people need help? Yes, but it is psychiatric, not surgical. Loping off body parts, and heavily medicating yourself to obtain a dubious, imaginary result is a sure sign of mental illness. Agreeing to aid in that effort is even more surreal.

    And for the record, has the Liberal government of Ontario handled any major issue correctly? The answer is pretty clear – NO!

  • john davis

    You may recall the media frenzy surrounding the Duffy trial stopped after the election. Once Trudeau was elected, Duffy didn’t matter anymore. You’d think that with all the hype surrounding the trial, with dozens of reporters outside the court everyday, they would have stuck around til the verdict. Nope. Their job was done.

    There won’t be dozens of reporters, panels or special graphics dedicated to this corruption trial. Sad, but not surprising.

  • mauser 98
    • It is entirely possible, the LIberals have bought the public service unions and all their fellow rent-seekers.

  • ontario john

    That is fake news! The Liberal Party has never had any ethics to fail.

  • Waffle

    Bono is getting fairly long in the tooth. Besides, he lacks the lyrical soul of an Irish poet (like Murphy, e.g.). (Yawn)

    • David Murrell

      Mr. Bonokowski writes that he “hopes that the media sharks smell blood”. Hardly. The national press corps is as corrupt as they come, and bought off as they are, they will not cover the story at all.

      The corrupt Globe and Mail posted a long article, on the two corruption trials, by Ontario Liberal fan boy Adam Radwanski, who once worked as an Ontario Liberal party worker before being hired by the corrupt Globe. He refused to report on any Liberal malfeasance, during his tunure as Queen’s bureau chief. The Corrupt Broadcasting Corporation is all but burying the story as a local “Sudbury News” event.

      Move on, move on. There’s nothing to see here folks. The fix is in.

      • Waffle

        So true, so true. Those misnamed sharks are only attuned to smell Conservative blood.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    You`ll find this on the backpage of the local pravda, if at all.