The story of Hajer & ISIS’ all-female battalion

She sat just opposite of me and poured some coffee in my little cup with some cardamom seeds floating on the surface. She didn’t seem posh or phony wearing that simple dress that revealed her arms, her legs, and a little of her chest. She breathed her cigarette in deeply and stared through the glass window blowing smoke out of her mouth to form fancy little circles in front of her face.

“Many of their Jihad slogans are just lies,” she said. “Yes they are bearded, they pray, and they keep repeating a few verses from Quran about Jihad. But then you will soon realize that they are just cheap, greedy mercenaries who care only about their own interests at the expense of the religion. Anyway, they are not coming from another time in history, nor from Afghanistani caves. They’re well informed on many different levels – knowledge, security, military, media, journalism, and even social relations – yet definitely not religion.”

Interesting if suspiciously self serving.

  • clearsky

    It would be so much fun to sucker punch these monsters right in the slits.

  • As they cannot be identified, they can slither back into a Western country virtually unnoticed.

  • Hard Little Machine

    That’s a lot of material. Only a few ounces of accelerant and the whole animal goes up in flames.

  • RottyLover

    This lying cunt is just a launch unit for a future violent, retarded koranimal. Kill it. Kill them all.