The Natural Product Of Identity Politics Is Charlottesville’s Misery And Death

The anxiety racked American psyche suffered another violent and bloody breakdown in Charlottesville Saturday. One more break from common sense and rule of law. This is still a post-Obama America, the Republic to which Hillary felt an entitlement, now seized by daytime skirmishes that tilt to civil war, and the unseen hand of the Deep State toiling to unseat President Trump.

Could it have gone any other way? Not in this galaxy. Not with a concentrated media in control of the conversation. Not with a corrupted university system of indoctrination over education. Not in the age of GoogleFacebookTwitter algorithms.

The fastest way for dark forces to advance against freedom is to disrupt the routine of law abiding people and instill fear, uncertainty and doubt. That’s what riots do. That’s also what the anti-Trump forces are doing today. Change is always preceded by widespread unrest. Conflict was, in my opinion, Obama’s agenda; division, racial tension, and classism.

  • Alain

    Disrupting the routine of law abiding people and instill fear, uncertainty and doubt is the objective of terrorism. Will the government refuse to recognise that this is domestic terrorism like it refuses to recognise that Islam is the cause of Islamic terrorism? So far the answer is yes.

  • bargogx1

    In other words, collectivism breeds more collectivism, which in turn breeds even more collectivism, and so on… Hence the violence and vitriol from the Left. They must vilify, attack and destroy the “bad” collectivism because they are terrified that it might give collectivism itself a bad name. Identity politics is of course just another name for collectivism.