Teachers ‘scared’ to teach lessons on 9/11 terror attack

Some teachers are too scared to discuss 9/11 with their pupils as they fear a backlash from Muslim parents, a leading expert in counter-extremism education has warned.

Kamal Hanif OBE, who was appointed by the Government to turn around three schools at the heart of the “Trojan Horse” scandal, said that some teachers have a “misplaced” concern that they will cause offence if they raise 9/11 in the classroom.

He said that some teachers – particularly those who work in schools with a high proportion of Muslim students – see it as a contentious topic and shy away from teaching it.

  • Gary

    But we were told that islam had NOTHING to do with 9/11 .
    Just ask Justin or the CBC .

  • Alain

    OMG! They are not teachers and these are not schools if this is true. Talk about pissing yourself to appease the invaders of your land. Give me a break!

  • Clink9