Public sector one-percenters are safe, but regular small biz owners take the hit

Did you go camping this summer? Did you stay, even one night, at a private campground?

Did the owner or her spouse check your family in, help you find your spot, sell you some basic supplies at the campground store, make change for shower tokens?

Did she or he seem “rich” to you?

Did you get the oil changed in your car at a neighbourhood lube shop before you left? Did the franchisee strike you as one of the “wealthy few?”

  • Bla Bla

    Back to the days of beer and popcorn and entitled entitlements – how the unwashed canadian masses just can’t or don’t want to learn from the past and go ahead to elect a known corrupt, treasonous, criminal organization – the liberal party of canaduh – to power.

    Nothing we can do, just sit back and enjoy the shit show that is coming our way.

    • Marius K

      People never change and technological developments let them forget about it.

  • Old Guy

    This government represents its citizens in the same way as parasites represent their hosts.

  • ontario john

    But feminist Trudeau needs the money! He just announced a couple million dollars for gender equity projects in BC. And that plane he flies all over the place costs money.

  • People voted for this theft.

    Think about it.

  • HalcyonDaze

    So could someone explain again why he needs the money? Don’t budgets balance themselves and isn’t Canada enjoying unlimited Sunny Ways?

    • Marius K

      It is not about the money as the case can be made that tax revenue will drop. Velocity of money will slow which means less transactions, less taxes on transactions, less marginal profits, less income taxes.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Lorne Gunter is being completely unrealistic.

    Doesn’t he realize that small business owners general don’t campaign and election canvass for the Liberal Party but that civil servant do?

    • Civil servants and the media are the backbone of the Liberal party not to mention our corporate welfare class.

  • Oracle9

    To hell with the consequences of removing a great part of the incentive for Canadian entrepreneurs, as if the Liberals care!

    Once half of our work force is government, Justin can be dictator for life. Then we will live in the ‘Canada he knows’.