Media: Vanity Fair is taking a hit too

From Lloyd Grove at Daily Beast:

Graydon Carter Didn’t Want to Axe Vanity Fair Staff, So He Left

A year ago, however, Carter fought tooth-and-nail against a corporate restructuring plan, promoted by Wintour and other Conde Nast execs, for Vanity Fair to lose its designated creative director and fact-checkers, along with those of the other magazines, in order to consolidate them all into company-wide departments as a cost-saving measure.

“It all kind of came to a head last fall, and Graydon was pissed off about that,” said a Vanity Fair insider who spoke on condition of not being further identified. “It was an Anna project—she was invested in it—and that was seen as a real affront.”More.

Reality check: The college kids who would have grown into faithful middle class VF readers are out rioting.

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Cool is over.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Oh no where is Rory Gilmore going to get her Pulitzer prize?

  • ntt1

    we are about to see many business models collapse ,print media has been circling the drain for years, now we we are about to see the film industry change dramatically.
    no business can survive insulting and belittling a major chunk of its market,
    The studios have become little more than ATMs for producers whose choices are increasingly politicized and rejected by an already alienated audience.
    Netflix is now a major player in the market with instant feedback on selections from their library. Netflix has daily market polls based on selections, they have a very clear view almost hourly ,of what sells.
    If Marketability becomes the number one feature of actors then look to see many “stars” fade and become nothing but needy,noisy paparazzi fodder like Allissa Milano.. As technical aspects of movie making have become a worldwide,international aspect ,expect the same with netflix giving exposure to the world wide market in actors. why put up with Jennifer Laurence when there are so many equally talented actors on the new world stage? You can see this happening now, expect it to strengthen as Hollywood stars continue to piss in the pickles.

    • The Stars have become insulting more than the studios, soon the Clooney’s will be CGG’d into that long good night.

      • ntt1

        interesting point about CGI, ever since that commercial recreated Fred Astaire dancing with a vacuum. all actors have a clause limiting the use of their image in CGI. unless they or their estate approves it.

  • felis gracilis

    Vanity Fair; aren’t they the shills that did the puff piece on our shiny pony?