Media: Vanity Fair is taking a hit too

From Lloyd Grove at Daily Beast:

Graydon Carter Didn’t Want to Axe Vanity Fair Staff, So He Left

A year ago, however, Carter fought tooth-and-nail against a corporate restructuring plan, promoted by Wintour and other Conde Nast execs, for Vanity Fair to lose its designated creative director and fact-checkers, along with those of the other magazines, in order to consolidate them all into company-wide departments as a cost-saving measure.

“It all kind of came to a head last fall, and Graydon was pissed off about that,” said a Vanity Fair insider who spoke on condition of not being further identified. “It was an Anna project—she was invested in it—and that was seen as a real affront.”More.

Reality check: The college kids who would have grown into faithful middle class VF readers are out rioting.

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